Gun Terminology of the Day: 1911

Springfield Armory TRP 1911 Armory Kote shown with Galco Miami Classic II

One of the reasons I started writing Insanely Practical Guides was to help acclimate new shooters and gun owners to the confusing world of guns, shooting and etiquette. Here’s a quick excerpt from The Rookies Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition… If you talk to a couple of gun aficionados, you’re likely to hear […]

How To Deal With Gun Terminology Snobs

Half-Cocked: Gun Terminology Gone Bad

We’re not going to get wrapped up too much in the specifics of proper gun terminology. It can be intimidating and quite frankly, it’s not all that important as long as people know what you’re trying to say. But we will try to be accurate most of the time so you have the full picture. […]

Single-Action Handguns: Not Much To Do With Chance Laundromat Encounters

A pair of single-action handguns

Here’s an excerpt from our brand new book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition. It’s the second in the Insanely Practical Guide Series… Single-action is a pretty simple concept. And it has nothing to do with online dating sites, chance encounters at the laundromat or a night on the town with two […]

Gun Word of the Day: Field Strip

Gun Word Of The Day

Field Strip [feeld] [strip] – noun-verb-ish 1. To clear out or empty; to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked. Derived from middle english terminology meaning to rob or plunder. 2. A rhythmic dance ritual, popularized at Woodstock in August, 1969. 3. Field stripping simply refers to taking your gun partially apart in order to clean […]