The Ultimate Hearing Protection Solution?

I recently tried these, and am now totally spoiled.

I’ve got a serious bug up my butt about hearing protection. Even now, in the year 2015, I go to my local outdoor shooting range and see people who are not wearing ear protection. Worse yet, I see people bring kids to this range, also without hearing protection. Rather than freak out and gripe at […]

Mr. Manners School of Shooting Range Etiquette

Shooting etiquette is so confusing. I can never remember if you work from the outside in, or inside out. Is it “.22’s and .380’s first” or are they used for dessert? And which one is correct to use with the main course?

When I grow up, I’m going to start a charm school for shooting. You know, like cotillion. That’s where exasperated parents sent us poorly behaved children to learn about proper fork and spoon use and doing the Foxtrot safely while wearing braces. With all my cotillion penance, I don’t remember a single field trip to […]

How I Shot My Dining Room Table…

Shooting your furniture wreaks havoc on that lustrous lemon shine.

You know the four rules of gun safety, right? If you don’t, you should, else you might destroy your furniture. That’s almost always tough on the wax finish. Trust me, I know. A gun is ALWAYS loaded, so treat it accordingly. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Never point your […]

Movies and Gun Blunders

thriller on tv

You know what they say: You can’t believe everything you see on TV. That’s knowledge to keep in hand, for while the folks in Hollywood do have a wonderful flair for the dramatic, no one has ever accused them of being realistic. Carrying and shooting guns is serious business. It’s crucial that every gun owner […]

Howard Leight Impact PRO and Impact Sport Hearing Protection

Both models feature insert power and volume adjustment dials and input jacks for music players.

You know how the saying goes. Once you go electronic, you never go back. Foam ear plugs are gross and not all that effective. Custom fit earplugs work great, but you can’t hear a darn thing when you’re wearing them. Passive exterior ear muffs also work really well, but still, you’re essentially deaf to what’s […]

Shooting Range Darwin Awards: Worst Gun Safety Ever?

It's a miracle this crew didn't shoot each other - more than once.

I shoot at a public range in a national forest. It’s beautiful, fun and perfectly safe 90% of the time I go there. Maybe that’s because I only go on weekdays when all the crazy is at work. On weekday outings, if I’m not by myself,  I’m usually accompanied by experienced and safe range neighbors. […]

Home Gun Safety Solutions: Free to Not-so-free

Gun safety in the home can be as easy as using a gun lock, seen here. Gun locks are available for free thanks to industry partners and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

If you own a gun, you need to develop a gun security strategy. Period, paragraph, end of story. If you have kids in the house, that strategy needs to be an every day endeavor. If you don’t, but kids or guests cross the threshold of your home more than once per millennium, you still need to […]

11 Ways To Be A Better Shooting Range Neighbor

Open shooting ranges especially can benefit from good neighborly conduct.

One of the biggest problems with the shooting sports is that there is no be-all, end-all, definitive guide to etiquette. Miss Manners never published a Sooper Dooper Guide to Shooting Etiquette, and I never recall going to the range for any of my charm and finishing school field trips. Seeing this glaring omission from the […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Not Flipping the Bird

Flipping a spirited bird is not always a bad thing. Even if you are using the wrong finger!

I always get things mixed up. Maybe it’s a result of that jungle gym base jumping accident back in ’66.  One of the things that’s always confused me is flipping the bird. Most of us have five fingers on each hand – how on earth are we supposed to remember which one to flip in […]