Which Foot Is Legal?

gun free zones

One foot in this photo is in a legal concealed carry zone, while the other is in a gun free zone.

Make sense to you? Me neither.

Useless, pointless, ineffective and ill-conceived legislation gets people killed.

Write your congress leech.

The Chicken Little Diaries: Close Encounters of the Neighborly Kind


Food Lion Shooting Range-1

Last time, I relayed the first part of the Chicken Little Diaries: A Shooting Range Zoning Saga. It was about a neighborhood and town council reaction to the proposed opening of an indoor shooting range. This week, the saga continues…

Every neighborhood has one of “those guys”, right?

Ours is a very left-leaning political activist. He’s so far left-leaning that he regularly tips over while walking in counter-clockwise circles. He’s so active that we frequently see large numbers of alfalfa-powered adult trikes parked in front of his house.

At first, I assumed these were gatherings of the Sedona, Arizona fan club. You know, when they plan the annual communal building of a happy-thought-powered rainbow bridge connecting the local Whole Foods wheat grass juice bar and Brown University. Later I found out he’s really Mini-Me-Obama, in charge of the local political regime. You would think these political gatherings are harmless, but I nearly wrecked my bike the other day, almost rear ending a departing Prius with a low battery charge.

Anyway, one day after circumventing what I believe to be the local Venezuelan consulate here in our neighborhood, I exited my car, in my driveway, only to be approached by the aforementioned guy.

I knew he wanted to talk about some activist thing, and I was feeling particularly spunky, so I decided to engage. I’ve been assured by my esteemed Editorship over at Bearing Arms that any bail and/or legal fees directly related to my work are fully covered. It’s mentioned right after the clause guaranteeing that I can sign up for Obamacare on my own nickel. It’s all right there in my Bearing Arms contract. Umm, I do have a contract, right?

In the interest of education, and to see if I can actually make any readers physically nauseous just from reading, I’m recreating the ensuing conversation here to the best of my recollection. I was speaking with my neighbor the whole time, but given all the sound bites he as throwing my way, sometimes I wasn’t quite sure who I was talking to…

My Tilting Neighbor: I’m glad I caught you. Do you have a minute to talk?

Me: Oh, really? [I already knew why he was there, but couldn’t resist engaging in the discussion from scratch. I’m sorry. But not really.] Do you want to borrow alfalfa sprouts? Or a cup of wheat grass juice? No disrespect, but as I keep trying to tell you, I don’t have any hippie food. I eat bacon, wrapped in bacon. Usually with a side order of bacon.

Hugo Chavez: No, not that. Some other neighbors are signing a petition, and I wanted to see if you would sign it too.

Me: Oh? A petition to tear down the golf driving range and replace it with a clay target course? Great! Where do I sign?

Wolf Blitzer: Well, no. They want to build a shooting range in the old Food Lion store.

Me: That’s even better! I’d love to have one there! That old Food Lion never had ammo in stock anyway. Where do I sign?

Ted Kennedy’s Suit: Well actually some people are concerned about it.

Me: What, that it won’t be big enough? That’s okay, I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage. We can share and all that.

Susan Sarandon: Well actually, we’re concerned about the kind of people that type of business could attract.

Me: Oh. You mean people like me, my wife, my son, and my daughter?

Rachel Maddow: Well… We’re also concerned about children. There’s a dance school and a karate studio in the same strip mall. Children will be walking all around there. And people will have guns going back and forth to the shooting range.

Me: Whew, that’s a relief. I’ve been worried about all those kids walking around unprotected forever. Glad to see they’ll be safer now.

Timothy O’Leary: Umm, but we don’t want all those guns near all those children!

Me: You do realize that we live in South Carolina and 119% of the homes in our neighborhood already have guns, right?

Cher: (Blank look)

Me: So if one of the homes in our neighborhood has children in it and that home doesn’t have guns, that means the houses to the left right and behind all have multiple guns. And their guns have guns. I’m just sayin’.

Sean Penn: But what about the crime? Having a gun range so close by will be a crime risk!

Me: More than the Food Lion? The one that had an armed robbery just before it was closed by the health department? [Uncontrollable laughter] I guarantee you that parking lot will be the safest one within 20 miles of here.

Bill Maher: I hope you’re right…

Me: When was the last time you heard about an armed robbery in a gun store?

Cindy Sheehan: [Crickets…] Well, I ‘m guessing you won’t be signing the petition then?

Me: I’m guessing you don’t want to go to the range with me later?

UPDATE: The Town Council vetoed the indoor range as it required a zoning variance. But we get the last laugh. The space is already zoned appropriately for a retail gun store (without a range) and construction begins soon with a grand opening 90 days later.

Wait for the shrieks of panic. Wait for it…

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Open Carry Ban Leads To Concealed Carry Win in California?

California Shall Issue Permit ProcessBack to back Second Amendment victories emerged from an unlikely source – the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In two cases filled with irony, it turned out that California’s recent ban on open carry paved the way for the concealed carry victory. Huh?

Yes, an anti-gun decision in California enabled a pro-gun court ruling. (Tweet This)

Monkeys are now flying out of my… well, never mind.

While California bans open carry at the state level, concealed carry policies and restrictions are determined at the county level. Frustrated by permit refusals from San Diego County, five residents sued, challenging the county’s requirement for “proof of need” to obtain a concealed carry permit. Apparently, if you’ve been murdered more than once, you “might” be eligible to obtain a carry permit in some locales.

On February 13th, the appeals court ruled on the Peruta v. San Diego case in favor of the residents and ruled the “may issue” concealed permit policy unconstitutional.

“We are not holding that the Second Amendment requires the states to permit concealed carry,” Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, a Reagan appointee, wrote for the panel. “But the Second Amendment does require that the states permit some form of carry for self-defense outside the home.”

With no open carry option on the table, and concealed carry effectively banned in many California counties due to arbitrary permit issuance policies, the court agreed that citizens were effectively prevented from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

If you can’t carry visibly or concealed, that only leaves parallel universe carry, which is a difficult skill for most people to master. (Tweet This)

In a follow-up case, Richards vs. Sheriff Ed Prieto, Yolo County, California’s “may issue” concealed carry permit policy was also shot down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The court rejected the county argument that the case circumstances were materially different than Peruta vs. San Diego.

“Today’s ruling reinforces the Second Amendment’s application  to state and local governments, and will help clear the way for more California citizens to exercise their right to bear arms,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “California officials have been put on notice that they can no longer treat the Second Amendment as a heavily regulated government privilege.”

According to the San Jose Mercury News, permits permit applications have been flooding in to a number of counties since the ruling, with many seeing double the annual average of applications in the past few weeks.

The bottom line? These two cases have solidified the position that Second Amendment rights apply outside the home – at least for California residents. At the national level, the Ninth Circuit decision is contrary to similar cases in the Second, Third and Fourth Circuit courts, so Supreme Court intervention is likely at some point.

Keep the pressure on folks!

2014 – The Year of 2nd Amendment Goblins, Trolls and a Few Fairies

Proving that few people have sense or good judgement, I’ve been invited to contribute articles to Bearing Arms. You might know them, along with 1.1 million other people, as 2nd Amendment on Facebook. Check them out. Subscribe. Get involved. Sign up for an Appleseed event in 2014, and better yet, bring a friend!

Here’s a link to today’s article at Bearing Arms

2014 is going to be the year of relentless attack on our Second Amendment rights.

His Royal-ness the Dishonorable Nanny-pants Bloomberg is now unemployed, and will be able to devote his full and undivided attention to helping us understand what’s best for us. We have a President in office, who, while not otherwise occupied vacationing, seems to believe that his lack of experience qualifies him to make unilateral decisions that no one else wants or agrees with. And last but not least, Vice President Grumpy McCrankyPants has not yet been distracted by a new Cracker Jacks trinket, so he’s still on a gun control rampage. Oh yeah, and Piers Morgan still lives here.

With all that looming in front of us, it’s time that everyone understands the real history of the Second Amendment.  You heard it here first folks…

A Second Amendment Fairy Tale

Once upon a time…

In a faraway land called Murrica, there was a great struggle, lasting many days and nights. You see, the settlers of Murrica were tormented by an insatiable and covetous evil troll known as George Threepence. While George lived across the great waters, in the hinterlands, he insisted on taxing the settlers with many fees and regulations. After all, he did not get the name George Threepence for his generosity.

Fed up with overzealous overdraft fees and parking tickets without representation, the villagers of Murrica were desperate to be free of the troll. They called upon a new leader, George Chiseled-Face for help. George Chiseled-Face had a plan. He knew that the good people of Murrica were well schooled in the use of magic kablooey powder and many of them maintained stores of it for their personal protection and other uses.

Without delay, George Chiseled-Face rode throughout the land of Murrica, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Militia! Militia! That means you – all you settlers of Murrica!” And it was in this way, that the people of Murrica had determined to organize themselves into a fighting force to oust George Threepence, the troll. For the people did not trust big armies like George the troll had. They preferred to call themselves up to service and yell “Militia!” with great enthusiasm as needs arose. It was most exhilarating!

Using their wits, a collection of farm animals and copious quantities of magic kablooey powder, the good people of Murrica, led by George Chiseled-Face and many fair and white-wigged princes, fought battle after battle with troll George’s Red Socks, until finally forcing them out at home plate.

Read the rest at Bearing Arms!

Top 13 Reasons NOT to Join the NRA

People who play with guns have all sorts of reasons for not joining the NRA. I forgot. My dog ate my computer. My dog peed on my computer. I am a member – I sent them $10 27 years ago. I bought a used gun, so I’m automatically a member. Isn’t it part of my AARP membership? I have my voter registration card, so I’m a member. I watch Top Shot on TV – doesn’t that make me a member? I got my membership in a box of Lucky Charms.

We’ve heard all the excuses. With that said, here’s our Top 13 list of reasons NOT to join the NRA…

  1. If more people join the NRA, then Hugo Chavez will have no chance of getting nominated to the United States Supreme Court. Be compassionate people! What’s a despot dictator to do in his retirement years?
  2. Operation Fast and Furious may be less fast and less furious with too much NRA oversight. If our government is going to export guns to Mexican drug lords, let’s do it with style and plenty of volume – that’s the American way!
  3. I am married to: (fill in the blank) Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg, Wayne LaPierre, or Vladimir Putin
  4. If the NRA gets any more clout, those crazy Fast and Furious testimonies on CSPAN may come to a premature end. And everything else on daytime TV stinks now that All My Children is off the air.
  5. Being part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is so 1990’s
  6. I’ve built my own intercontinental ballistic missile and the NRA is not fighting for my rights to cap it with a multiple-warhead nuclear bomb. It’s my right!
  7. I already get my gun rights news from The Huffington Post and New York Times. I’ve got my objective news sources covered already.
  8. I don’t want to encourage worldwide deforestation by adding my name to the NRA-ILA direct mail list.
  9. Eddie the Eagle reminds me of clowns. And I have Coulrophobia . That’s fear of clowns.
  10. I already subscribe to Communist Dictators Quarterly magazine and don’t really want another subscription to American Rifleman. I can only read so much propaganda in a months time.
  11. What’s a Constitution? Is that like when you eat too much cheese and get all backed up?
  12. George Soros owns The Freedom Group, which owns all the gun companies, which own the NRA.
  13. They never serve Chateaubriand at Friends of NRA dinners.

Bu seriously folks. No excuses. If you own a gun, believe in little details like your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of satellite TV, then you need to join the NRA.

Yeah, they’ve probably done something you disagree with, but so has your spouse/brother/sister/father/mother/child/neighbor. So get over it. Join all the other organizations you like. We do. There are a lot of great ones out there. Just be sure to add a +1 to that 4 million member number that freaks out all those certified politicians in Washington.

You can join here.

Exotic Dancing, Narco Trafficking and the .45ACP Gospel – Our Talk With Black Man With a Gun

The best thing about putzing about the gun and shooting industry, and I do mean putzing, is the variety of interesting people I get to meet. One of those is the Reverend Kenn Blanchard, known online and in Homeland Security response strategy meetings as Black Man With A Gun.

I met Kenn for the first time almost a year ago at The Battle of A Top Secret Location Near Knoxville, TN – otherwise known as the LuckyGunner.com 2011 Blogger Shoot and automatic weapons happy fun festival. Right away, I knew Kenn was a man on a mission. My first words to him were something along the lines of “Why are you here in the tent working instead of shooting machine guns and cannons? Are you some kind of fairy?” After dusting myself off and putting a cold steak on my newly minted black eye, I found Kenn to be a pretty nice guy. With a killer right hook. No wonder Homeland Security has been harassing him for years.

I’m pleased to share some, ah, unusual insight with Kenn Blanchard: Marine, Pastor, Gun Rights Activist, Historian, Shooter and generally swell dude. Enjoy…

My Gun Culture: By my count, you were on the terrorist watch list before there was one. If you started advocating for personal protection rights in 1991, you even pre-date The Department of Homeland Security! Are you really that old?

Kenn Blanchard: Dern, you made me think on that one.  But you’re right.  I was into terrorism before it was a household word.  Before 9/11, I traveled to a lot of not so nice places in the world to protect or return American families from harm in foreign places.  I broke rules, did cool stuff and never lost anyone on my watch.  I never escaped US Customs though.  I fit every profile of a narco trafficker they had so I’ve been searched more in the US (thankfully) than abroad.  And all before biometrics and detection devices that smell residue.  I’ve had a lot of dogs get familiar with my private parts searching for stuff I didn’t have, but its all good.

MGC: As a dog person, I know for a fact that dogs just like to invade your, umm, private areas, just to make you blush! So given your experience with customs and good old-fashioned grope searches, how do you feel about the TSA’s new porn scanners?

Kenn: I practically wear pajamas now when I fly.  The TSA reminded me of the time when I was a exotic dancer.  I have to keep myself from going into a routine when I get in the booth or it  feels like someone is trying to put money on me, but I digress.

MGC: I notice from your bio that you lobbied in the great state of South Carolina for gun rights. Being that I live there now I would love to hear that story – especially since I am now benefitting from your work here…

Kenn: Yes sir, when I decided to grow old, I changed jobs and tried my hand at political persuasion.  I worked with the National Rifle Association in South Carolina to talk politics, freedom and religion to a nice guy in SC legislature that was also a pastor but had the wrong information of self defense, the right to carry and his history.   I preached in his office, converted his staff and then made him listen to me on one of the best elevator pitches I have ever managed in Columbia.  By the time I testified, he was giving us an AMEN for the RKBA. I was just starting to realize my calling into the gospel ministry but you gotta use what you got to get what you need.

MGC: Well thank you very much for getting the great state of South Carolina in order before I moved here! You saved me a lot of trouble! So let’s talk about your move into the ministry. Maybe I should describe that as your move into “official” ministry as it sounds like you might have been doing the amateur version for a while. Have you ever shared the gospel at the shooting range? If so, does the gospel work better with 9mm or .45ACP?

Kenn: I have actually preached in the store part of a range, and folks wondered how a preacher got in.  They wanted to see my ID to prove I was clergy.  It wasn’t planned but happened.  The Good News was someone actually gave his life to Christ afterwards.  I know I am a bit different.  I didn’t start out a choir boy.

MGC: You put a lot of energy and passion into educating people about the real roots of gun control – racism. It’s pretty ironic that many of those promoting gun control measures today shout their status as non-racists from the rooftops. Am I taking crazy pills? This seems astoundingly hypocritical. Your thoughts?

Kenn: I can’t call it.  All I wanted to do when I started was help people.  I never intended on being a modern day abolitionist, trying to abolish the residue of slavery but it happens.  Most folks don’t even realize what they say and think is not original but just adopted till they are called out for it.  Some are hypocritical but most just never gave it much thought and talk without thinking.   And of course some people are just the backside of a northbound mule.

MGC: Tell us about your first gun…

Kenn: My first gun was a Daisy BB gun, but first firearm was a .357 single action Ruger revolver with a eight inch barrel I got from another Marine.

MGC: We ask all of our interview victims, umm I mean guests, to weigh in on our ongoing debate of whether the MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher is appropriate for home defense. What say you?

Kenn: I wouldn’t be a fan of a grenade launcher for my home.  The clean up would be expensive.

MGC: Thanks for your time today Kenn. One more question for you. I can’t help but notice that there aren’t a whole lot of black men with guns walking around the big shooting events like SHOT Show, etc. I want to see a whole lot more people in general get involved in shooting. How do we fix that?

Kenn: I hear you brother.  We have to be patient.  It took over four hundred years, a lot of fear and misinformation to get things they way they are.  It won’t take that long to fix but it won’t be when we want it.  You will see a few more every year, and every event, I promise.  You and I will just be gainfully employed making it happen for awhile that is all. Shalom Baby!

I’d like to thank Kenn for his patience and good humor! Be sure to check out Kenn’s podcast here.

Stay tuned – next on the My Gun Culture interview hot seat are in depth discussions with Huntress and Professional Outfitter Mia Anstine, Bart and Lisa Looper from Looper Brand Holsters, makers of belts, holsters, law enforcement gear and the world famous FlashBang holster.

Half-Cocked: California Legal Assault Rifles…

Half-Cocked: California Legal Assault Rifle

Half-Cocked: How ‘May Issue’ Permits Work in Kalifornia…

California May Issue Concealed Carry Permits

Half-Cocked: Concealed Carry Permit Machines?

wisconsin ccw permit machine.jpg

Occupy something or other while open carrying…

An interesting and sure to be peaceful idea from the Weerd Beard himself!

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