Updated: Car for Sale – Priced to Sell!

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

For sale and priced to sell! One slightly used car. Make and model not exactly distinguishable. Good condition. It has had a minor altercation with 4 Civil War cannons, a German PAK 38 field artillery piece, and several dozen machine guns. Also had a minor fender bender with a Stuart tank.

Damage is mostly cosmetic and should clear right up with a little buffing compound.

Price is negotiable. Call soon as this baby will fly off the lot!



Update: There was a minor incident with the car today when it exploded and caught on fire. We’re thinking of reducing the price just a tad to compensate. Of course we’ll include any melted parts…

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Where the magic happens…

There’s been a flurry of posts from other gun bloggers in response to an inquiry launched by Romeo Tango Bravo and my mysterious web buddy at GunMart. And no, it’s not a bro-mance. We’re just friends, although we’ve never met.

The basic question was, “where do you do your gun blogging from and what environment drives all those creative and radical posts?

Some of the other bloggers office environments that I’ve seen include:

I’ve stayed out of this contest mainly because I didn’t want to stir up a lot of envy among the Gun Blogger community. You see, I like to live the moment when I’m writing, so I do most of my work from my M16 Half Track. It’s open and spacious, and has plenty of guns.

My Gun Blogging Office

My Gun Blogging Office

Sometimes though, I get the writers block thing and have to move to my alternate digs. Usually I like to stand in the turret of my Sherman tank. It makes me feel invincible in my writing.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

I would like to thank my new buddy David from the Historical Cadet Corps for lending me office space. David is my new best friend mainly cause he’s a nice guy (of course), but also because he has an M16 Half Track for us to play with.

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!


Quote of the Day: God, Sex, and Shooting

With all due reverence, I defy anyone to deny the importance of such a trinity in life as – God, sex, and shooting.

Marjorie Wiggin Prescott

Miranda Lambert Shoots Wedding Deer

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton - Venison Lovers

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton - Venison Lovers

Continuing with her down-home demeanor and laid-back style, country star Miranda Lambert has gone huntin’ to stock the banquet tables at her upcoming wedding. Prior to tying the knot with country sensation Blake Shelton, Lambert decided it was Time To Get A Gun and fetch her wedding reception vittles.

While Miranda is clearly made of Gunpowder & Lead, the deer in question did not appear to be as ruggedly built, as it was quickly turned into the main wedding feast entre.

Inside sources with Ms. Lambert’s catering company hinted that in addition to the venison main course, other local delicacies would be served including:

  • Cream of Cooter
  • Mixed Kudzu Greens with Muscadine Vinaigrette
  • Coon Seviche
  • Armadillo Tartare
  • Twinkie Flambe
  • And last but not least for the city folk, Braised Squab with Creme Fraiche Foam

Things could get out of hand as there will be an open bar featuring moonshine on the rocks, Mad Dog 20/20 Appletinis, and of course PBR.


Superman Kevlar

Seen on 9gag.com. Author unknown…


Sharp As A Marble’s Journalist Guide to Firearms Identification

Oldie but a goodie…

Sharp as a Marble – Because Im nothing, if not helpful.

Wake Up With a Bang!

Gun Coffee Mug

Wake up with a bang!

My daughters boyfriend got her this coffee mug for her 17th birthday…

I always did like that guy!


Now if it just had a minigun…

From Lyger Lyger


Tankchair. This is a thing. I love that this is a thing. Hey, mobility issues? You can just piss off now; you are no longer a tactical disadvantage.

Must. Love. Bacon.

Watch the shiny object and repeat after me…


(Via The Breda Fallacy.)

Advice for the Zombie apocalypse

From my position… On the way!:

“Monday, November 15, 2010 The coming Apocalypse I love zombie movies.

Whether it’s the concept of so many oxygen thieves wiped away from the population, the idea of a world where guns are not an optional accessory or frowned upon, or the idea that twinkies are indeed a holy grail to be sought out, I dig the idea of a zombie apocalypse.

What I don’t like, are the obvious flaws in thought in every movie.

1. People in comas generally WON’T wake up without medical care. No one adds water to the feeding tube, in about 3 days you’re dead. Not to mention that since outbreaks would spread rapidly in hospitals (since they don’t take prophylaxis against the zombie virus) your are laying undefended and helpless in bed–a veritable buffet for the walking dead. Also, waking up 28 days later means either waking up in a pile of your own poo, or waking up with a colostomy bag the size of a hefty bag. In the case of the…”

Hat tip: Say Uncle

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