Half-Cocked: Obama Phones and Holder Guns

Half-Cocked: Obama Phones and Holder Guns

Half-Cocked: Fast & Furious Trick or Treating at The White House

Fast and Furious Trick or Treat at The White House

Half-Cocked: Attorney General Clears Himself of Fast and Furious Wrongdoing

Attorney General Eric Holder clears himself of Operation Fast and Furious wrongdoing

Gun Word of the Day: Mirandarbation

gun_word_of_the_dayMirandarbation [mi-ran-dar-bey-shuhn] – noun

1. The process of one reading himself legal rights upon self-imposed arrest and detainment.

2. In the event that high ranking law enforcement officers find themselves in the sensitive situation of having to impose justice on themselves, say for example, in cases of Contempt of Congress, Mirandarbation describes the act of reading Miranda rights to one’s self while simultaneously flex cuffing one’s self to a nearby chair or copy machine.

Half-Cocked: Eric Holder’s New Job


The Contemptibles – Coming Soon To A Theater Near You


Attorney General Holder To Obfuscate On Capitol Hill


Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General…

Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General...

Half-Cocked: Paranormal Crack-tivity


Half-Cocked: AK’s Mexican Time Share


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