Top 8 Reasons National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day Won’t Work Here


This Saturday, June 9, is National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day. This first annual event aims to encourage Moms and Dads to get their daughters to the range to learn how to shoot safely. Herein lies the problem in our household. You see, our daughter is ever-so-slightly tactical. You know, the kind of […]

Cannon vs. School Bus Update

  To close out the Hit or Miss post from last week, here’s a brief video of the Napoleonic Field Howitzer vs. Minivan question. As a side note, the minivan was upgraded to a full-blown decommissioned school bus between the writing of the original post and the shot heard around the field… Since we’re not […]

Ammo Menus, Ammo Girls, and Ammo Guys Ammo Menu

Much has been made of the whole ammo menu concept at the recent Blogger Shoot. Most people, myself included, thought it was a stroke of pure and luxurious brilliance. Print up a menu of available ammunition, take copies up and down the firing line, get people to place orders, and have ammo delivered right […]