Top 8 Reasons National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day Won’t Work Here


This Saturday, June 9, is National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day.

This first annual event aims to encourage Moms and Dads to get their daughters to the range to learn how to shoot safely. Herein lies the problem in our household.

You see, our daughter is ever-so-slightly tactical. You know, the kind of girly girl that always has a few random rifle cartridges on her nightstand along with an assortment of folding knives. Add a Kimber PepperBlaster II to daily attire and you’ve got the picture.

Here are the top reasons why National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day won’t work so well here…

  1. Folks at the range are already far more impressed at her finesse handling the Hakim battle rifle than mine.
  2. She has already shot a Slidefire-equipped AK-74. I have not. Yes, the AK-74, not AK-47, version.
  3. Her Glock is bigger than mine.
  4. She manages to keep all 30 rounds of .45 ACP from a Kriss Vector SMG in the A-zone – at a full auto rate of 1,500 rpm.
  5. She can take herself to the range. And frequently does…
  6. She’s on better speaking terms with former Top Shot Champs Iain Harrison and Dustin Ellerman than I am.
  7. I’ve never been to the range with R. Lee Ermey
  8. She’s shot a Smith & Wesson .300 Whisper. Suppressed. I have not.

What can we possibly hope to gain by taking her to the range? We need to rework this whole thing to something along the lines of National Take Your Dad To The Range Day.

But seriously, visit the National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day website to learn more. As of this writing, 35 ranges across the country are participating and you can find them here. If there is not one in your area, just take your own crew to your favorite range. And be sure to tell them about this annual event!

Be safe, have fun, and shoot like a girl!

Satan Goes Full Auto

Kriss Vector SMG

Kriss Vector SMG

We’re pretty sure Armageddon is upon us.

At the recent gun blogger shoot, we spotted Satan field testing the Kriss Vector .45 ACP sub machine gun. Well, actually it may not have been the real Satan, but rather Mz. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy from The Great Satan. While we were prepared for the worst, we actually found that Mz. Conspiracy (also known as Jackie) was not only minimally evil, but rather nice. We’re not sure about The Great Satan’s co-author Capitalist Pig though. He may be really evil for all we know. He does seem to think American Exceptionalism is a good thing. That is evil these days right?

Back to the point.

Here’s a video of the Kriss Vector in action. The first section features a Kriss representative going through the operating instructions with Mz. Conspiracy while the second shows it in action. Our apologies for all the gunfire on the background. The free ammo from sure did cause a lot of noise. Pay particular attention to the slow motion at the end and the combination of amazingly low muzzle climb for a .45 ACP shooting at 1,500 rounds per minute and Mz. Conspiracy’s excellent shooting form. Rumor has it she’s being courted for Top Shot, but we didn’t tell you that.


Cannon vs. School Bus Update


To close out the Hit or Miss post from last week, here’s a brief video of the Napoleonic Field Howitzer vs. Minivan question. As a side note, the minivan was upgraded to a full-blown decommissioned school bus between the writing of the original post and the shot heard around the field…

Since we’re not actually sure if we hit the darn thing or not, we’re pulling the winner via our high-tech random number generator from all entries – whether the commenter taunted us or not.

And our lucky winner of the adjustable scope rings is…..


Chad, we’ll email you privately to get shipping information.

Ammo Menus, Ammo Girls, and Ammo Guys Ammo Menu Ammo Menu

Much has been made of the whole ammo menu concept at the recent Blogger Shoot.

Most people, myself included, thought it was a stroke of pure and luxurious brilliance. Print up a menu of available ammunition, take copies up and down the firing line, get people to place orders, and have ammo delivered right to your gun, so to speak.

A few questions have been raised about the idea of having ammo girls take orders and deliver ammo. Does that have some negative impact on the existing stereotypes of shooting being a good ole boys club that’s not welcoming to women? While admittedly attractive, the ammo girls were tastefully dressed in what one might refer to as shooting tennis attire – black shirts and black tennis skorts.

What no one has mentioned is that the ammo girls, and ammo guys, were mostly employees of LuckyGunner just chipping in to have some fun and do something special at the event. I admire the playful attitude they displayed with the whole ammo menu thing. Perhaps next year, they will get those chaise lounges with little red flags to raise when you need something – like the ones at Caribbean resort pools.

Idea for next year: Ammo Lounges

Idea for next year: Ammo Lounges

The beef I have is that no one is commenting on the ammo guys. You know, the ones working the ammo table and mobile warehouse (read: U-Haul truck) in the blazing Tennessee sun. It was like the ammo bar where the ammo girls got the orders filled. While the ammo guys were not wearing skorts, they were attired in similar LuckyGunner black shirts and khaki shorts. I do have to say that a couple of the ammo guys were showing just a bit too much leg for my taste. Tone it down next year guys! Some of them may have been wearing skorts underneath, but I didn’t ask and certainly didn’t want to know.

All in all the ammo menu thing, staffed by ammo girls and ammo guys, was great fun. The ammo girls definitely had the better deal as they got to shoot a lot of the guns while the ammo guys just sweated in the truck. If I ever have to be an ammo girl or ammo guy, give me a pair of skorts and let me work the shooting line.

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