Doe Decides Back Yard Is Appropriate Place To Give Birth

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Our female Welsh Springer Spaniel has extra-sensory perception. She can spot a bird, squirrel, chinchilla, or any other furry living being from a distance of 42.7654887 light years, provided that sun spots are not acting up. Late this afternoon, she starts barking at the back yard fence – looking intently out into the swamp behind our home. Real estate agents refer to this as ‘scenic wetlands.’ Anyway, her brother, who is kind of a special needs puppy, remains clueless about the events, but starts barking anyway. Mainly because it’s fun.

Looking out into the scenic wetlands from our second level deck, we spot a doe lying on the ground looking our way. Seeing a deer in the yard is not at all unusual, but seeing one just laying there staring at us is. Then, into view comes a staggering, wobbly fawn – closely followed by another. Meanwhile the doe is continuing to tidy things up as they were born minutes prior.

So here’s something a little different for your enjoyment…

The baby walk

Mule Deer Foundation Launches Underprivileged Deer Grant Program

In a surprise move today, Ben Cartwright, CEO of The Mule Deer Foundation, announced a new grant program aimed at giving a ‘hoof up’ to disadvantaged mule deer.

“Our hearts are broken” lamented Cartwright. “Year after year, we see the vicious cycle of deer not having the opportunity to realize their full potential. Don’t let a hunk of awesome venison go to waste.”

In today’s announcement, Cartwright outlined plans for The Mule Deer Foundation to initiate a scholarship program for all types of deer, regardless of tail color, that will allow them to attend the feeding ground of their choice. All deer with potentially yummy tenderloins are eligible for the new program. As part of the new initiative, The Mule Deer Foundation will be providing each eligible deer with 2 buckets of corn and a used salt lick.

“Imagine if you were never included in all the reindeer games” queried Cartwright. “How would that feel?”


But seriously folks – check out The Mule Deer Foundation and give them a hand. We know that hunters are the major supporters of conservation, but not everyone else does. We’ll be getting the full scoop on the Mule Deer Foundation at  The SHOT Show and will report back.

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