Doe Decides Back Yard Is Appropriate Place To Give Birth

Doe with 2 fawns first steps

Filed under the ‘something you don’t see everyday’ category… Our female Welsh Springer Spaniel has extra-sensory perception. She can spot a bird, squirrel, chinchilla, or any other furry living being from a distance of 42.7654887 light years, provided that sun spots are not acting up. Late this afternoon, she starts barking at the back yard […]

Mule Deer Foundation Launches Underprivileged Deer Grant Program


In a surprise move today, Ben Cartwright, CEO of The Mule Deer Foundation, announced a new grant program aimed at giving a ‘hoof up’ to disadvantaged mule deer. “Our hearts are broken” lamented Cartwright. “Year after year, we see the vicious cycle of deer not having the opportunity to realize their full potential. Don’t let […]