8 Ways To Spot Someone Carrying A Concealed Gun

The Hunchback of the Mall - Small of Back holster user

The Hunchback of the Mall – Small of Back holster user

Do you make these concealed carry holster mistakes?

It’s not particularly hard to spot someone carrying a concealed carry gun – even if you can’t see it directly.

While out and about on my daily life routine, I like to see if I can spot people who are carrying concealed. So I can sneak up behind them and yell BANG! Just kidding. Don’t do that. (Tweet This)

The concealed carrier spotting exercise does help to keep me on my toes and alleviate some of the boredom while daughter is checking out the latest Lily Pulitzer flip flops at the mall. It’s also a helpful exercise to keep your powers of observation tuned up – and to learn from others mistakes.

If you spot someone carrying, you can adapt your strategies to avoid that problem with your own personal routine. Or you can walk up to them and say “nice gun!”  (Tweet This)

Actually, on second thought, don’t do that either.

We offer this list to help you think about how to minimize the chance that other people know that you’re carrying a gun. Here’s a few things we see out there in the land of malls and 7-11’s…

1. The Hip Checker. Humans aren’t designed with a natural hand rest bolted on to the side of our midsection. Even those of us who are working hard to develop a bit of a spare tire have more of a hip curve rather than a flat shelf capable of supporting lazy hands.

If you see someone constantly resting their hand on something just a tad above the beltline, odds are good that they’re checking the position of their gun in either an inside the waistband, or outside the waistband, holster. (Tweet This)

Either that or they’re catching themselves just before scratching their backside in public.

2. The Pocket Pool Player. If you notice small children running frightened from someone walking around with their hand in their front pocket, their intentions may not be as inappropriate as you think. If you’re using a front pocket holster for a small revolver or pocket-sized semi-auto pistol, it sure is tempting to reach in there once and a while and play with it. The pistol, not the gun.

If you carry a gun in your pocket, resist the temptation to play with it in there. You might scare people. (Tweet This)

3. The Combat Fanny Pack Ninja. While one would expect to see lots of ever-so-slightly portly folks wearing fanny packs at someplace like Disney World, it’s not something you see quite as frequently in everyday life.

I rarely see folks sporting a Princess Jasmine fanny pack at places like Lowe’s, Home Depot or the Nascar National Museum. When I do, I’ll betcha they’re packing a fanny pack cannon. (Tweet This)

4. The Phake Photographer. There are plenty of jokes about people who wear those big photographers vests to cover up a belt-mounted gun. All kidding aside, those vests do make a pretty good carry garment. Lots of pockets for gear and extra magazines. Plus, the weight of the pockets-o-plenty garment helps to keep things covered up while you’re moving around. In reality, most non-gun people won’t think twice about someone wearing that type of clothing. Other than mumbling “geek” beneath their breath. Moral of the story? Look for the camera and press badge to see if they are shootin’ photos or guns.

While other concealed carriers may “out you” for wearing a photographers vest, I doubt many gang bangers will make the association. (Tweet This)

5. Modest Ankles Man. This type of concealed carrier is much, much easier to spot if the ankle holster user is wearing shorts. If Bermuda shorts aren’t in play, look for that person who’s nervous about crossing their legs while sitting down. Or the one who’s constantly adjusting the crease of their trousers on just one leg.

Pants have a nasty tendency to ride up and show those ankle holster when sitting. (Tweet This)

6. The Non-Committal Hugger. Ever had anyone give you that typical social hug with only one arm? Did they hug you from the side? No cheap thrills from a full torso grab even if your hugger had a crush on you in 6th grade? That person might have been carrying a gun. Or perhaps they have a rare case of aphephobia. Or perhaps haphephobia.

If you carry a gun on your hip, learn to hug gracefully from the opposite side. Folks might think you’re being awkward for other reasons. (Tweet This)

7. The Lead Purse Shuffler. If you see a lady constantly shifting her purse from left to right and back, while furiously popping Advils from a Wonder Woman Pez Dispenser, she might have some extra weight in there. Perhaps a Springfield Armory TRP 1911 with a couple of extra magazines?

If nothing else, carrying a gun in your purse will help develop those deltoids. (Tweet This)

8. The Hunchback of the Mall. The namesake for the hunchback really had more of a shoulder bump. Ours has their lump right above the waistline because they’re carrying a small of back holster. It’s a tough one to spot – until they bend over forwards and expose their carry, carry hump.

Carry a gun behind your hip bone? Beware of your lovely, lovely carry hump when bending forward! (Tweet This)

Who do you see out there?

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Now available in print! The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Now available in print! The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Half-Cocked: Concealed Carry Permit Machines?

wisconsin ccw permit machine.jpg

Half-Cocked: America’s Favorite New Game Show!

America's Favorite New Game Show!

America's Favorite New Game Show!

Florida Outsources Concealed Weapon Permit Processing to Cuba

Overwhelmed by number of recent Concealed Weapon Permit applications, the State of Florida has resorted to drastic measures to handle the avalanche of new applicants.Starting March 2, 2009, 40% of all permit applications will be exported to Havana, Cuba for processing.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Florida citizens are expressing growing concern about the potential impacts of the recently unveiled federal budget.Elimination of law enforcement nationwide in order to channel billions into development of environmentally friendly plankton powered smart car technology is bound to have an effect on crime. Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson, of “The Mechanic” and “The Dirty Dozen” fame, observes “when you have all those Smart Cars and no law enforcement, rival Whole Foods gangs are bound to cause trouble. Citizens are taking matters into their own hands and seeking concealed weapons permits in record numbers to better protect themselves.”

“We’ve got a backlog of 95,000 concealed permit applications” stated Bronson. “We’ve got our kids and a few bored looking people from lines at the post office here on weekends helping approve these applications and we still can’t keep up.” Some new permit holders have expressed surprise that their
paperwork has been signed with what appears to be Crayola Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown.

The move seems to make a lot of sense as Florida and Cuba have a long standing working relationship with especially deep ties from joint commercial ventures such as inner tube yacht testingand vintage automobile foster home programs. According to Bronson, “Most people in
Cuba already have family members living in Florida, so background checking for applications is rarely required. If an agent in the Havana processing centerrecognizes a distant cousin as a
CWP applicant, we just approve it and send it back to Florida with a box of Partagas. The new streamlined process saves the taxpayers a lot of money.”

Photo courtesy of Robin Thom

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