Half-Cocked: Attorney General Clears Himself of Fast and Furious Wrongdoing

Attorney General Eric Holder clears himself of Operation Fast and Furious wrongdoing

Gun Word of the Day: Mirandarbation

gun_word_of_the_dayMirandarbation [mi-ran-dar-bey-shuhn] – noun

1. The process of one reading himself legal rights upon self-imposed arrest and detainment.

2. In the event that high ranking law enforcement officers find themselves in the sensitive situation of having to impose justice on themselves, say for example, in cases of Contempt of Congress, Mirandarbation describes the act of reading Miranda rights to one’s self while simultaneously flex cuffing one’s self to a nearby chair or copy machine.

Another Robbery Foiled By Common Sense Gun Laws…

Robbery Foiled by No Guns Sign

Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General…

Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General...

Half-Cocked: Fast and Furious? Check Your Six…

check your six

Half-Cocked: Paranormal Crack-tivity


Half-Cocked: AK’s Mexican Time Share


Massachusetts Bullet Micro-stamping Scheme Expose

Massachusetts Gun Microstamping

Massachusetts Gun Microstamping

Inside sources have revealed a seditious agenda behind the recent push in Massachusetts to enforce microstamping on firearm cartridges.

Charlton Heston Steps Forward To Lead Fast and Furious Investigation

The Late Charlton Heston to Lead Fast and Furious Investigation

Breaking News: The late Charlton Heston has stepped forward to volunteer to serve as Special Prosecutor in the explosive Fast and Furious scandal. Mr. Heston brushed off stunned observers who were quite surprised at the actor and former NRA President’s entry back into the political scene and even more shocked at his apparent resurrection.

“Heck, Zombies rise from the dead all the time. It’s not that big a deal really. And this is a darn tooting’ good reason if there ever was one,” observed the late Mr. Heston.

Mr. Heston elaborated on his decision and explained that he was pretty sure that Fast and Furious and the resulting cover-up broke most of The Ten Commandments and maybe more. “I got to be pretty knowledgeable about those rules during an old movie role years back you know.”

Asked for his reaction to the news, Attorney General Holder stated “I don’t know.” Pressed for additional detail, Holder admitted “That guy scares me. Especially now that he’s dead.”

Insiders indicate that Mr. Heston is committed to the project and will remain undead for as long as it takes to get to the bottom of the GunWalker scandal. According to Heston’s remains, “I may be dead, but I’m not about to stand for this! These guys are going to have to pry this job from my cold, dead hands! Oh, wait a minute, my hands are cold and dead. Whatever.”


Half-Cocked: Operation Fast and Furious Hearings…

Operation Fast and Furious Hearings...

Operation Fast and Furious Hearings...

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