Gun Word of the Day: Mirandarbation


Mirandarbation [mi-ran–dar-bey-shuhn] – noun 1. The process of one reading himself legal rights upon self-imposed arrest and detainment. 2. In the event that high ranking law enforcement officers find themselves in the sensitive situation of having to impose justice on themselves, say for example, in cases of Contempt of Congress, Mirandarbation describes the act of […]

Charlton Heston Steps Forward To Lead Fast and Furious Investigation

The Late Charlton Heston to Lead Fast and Furious Investigation

Breaking News: The late Charlton Heston has stepped forward to volunteer to serve as Special Prosecutor in the explosive Fast and Furious scandal. Mr. Heston brushed off stunned observers who were quite surprised at the actor and former NRA President’s entry back into the political scene and even more shocked at his apparent resurrection. “Heck, […]