The Common Sense Language of Gun Control

Impact of words on the gun debate

Words have more power than just about anything. Words can get us married. Words can get us thrown out of bars. Words (in the form of outrageous lies) can get people elected to political office. In fact, words have the power to change a discussion to a completely different topic. As an example, look what […]

Eric, You’re Fired!

Holder, you bum! You're fired!

It’s time a rare, but important, semi-serious post about Operation Fast and Furious and the need for some kick-@ss from The Donald. If you don’t know anything about Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gun Runner, see a screen capture of a Facebook conversation that really, actually, probably happened to learn more. Here’s how you […]

Schumer Proposes ‘No-Snack’ List for Amtrak

New York Senator Chuck Schumer Proposes No-Snack List (img: Wikipedia / David Shankbone)

Elaborating on yesterday’s call for expansion of a ‘no-ride’ list for Amtrak rail service, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, announced new ‘no-snack’ legislation aimed at Amtrak passengers with limited self control. Citing newly found intelligence from the recent Bin Laden compound raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Schumer outlined details of an emerging threat to American citizens. […]

Pocket knives of mass destruction?

Unfortunately, some things require no witty commentary at all. According to, “the New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney’s Office appears to be engaged in a shakedown of local businesses, forcing them to pay six-figure, so-called ‘contributions’ or risk unwarranted criminal penalties…” Check out this story, and others, and the good work is doing […]