Cannon vs. School Bus Update


To close out the Hit or Miss post from last week, here’s a brief video of the Napoleonic Field Howitzer vs. Minivan question. As a side note, the minivan was upgraded to a full-blown decommissioned school bus between the writing of the original post and the shot heard around the field…

Since we’re not actually sure if we hit the darn thing or not, we’re pulling the winner via our high-tech random number generator from all entries – whether the commenter taunted us or not.

And our lucky winner of the adjustable scope rings is…..


Chad, we’ll email you privately to get shipping information.

Hit or Miss? Vote and Win!

Win These BSA Optics Adjustable Steel Scope Rings

Win These BSA Optics Adjustable Steel Scope Rings

Sometime on Saturday, at the Blogger Shoot, I’ve got one shot to hit an old minivan with a Napoleonic field howitzer. This field artillery piece launches a 12 pound cannonball up to a mile. While I don’t know the exact range we’ll be firing from, let’s assume 1/2 mile for discussions sake.

Now to the free stuff contest. I’ve got a brand new set of BSA Adjustable Height Scope Ring Mounts to put on the line. If you want to win them, vote ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’ in the comments on this post. I’ll randomly pull the winner from the group who calls it right.

Hint: I don’t plan on missing. But…

Pre-emptive taunting is allowed as long as its clean. Taunting a second time is also permitted.

Just to be really clear. We’ll be shooting at this:

With this:

Don’t worry, our intent is to post full video coverage of this event after the contest ends.

The rules: We’ll review the votes in the correct Hit or Miss category Monday night, May 30, 2011. If your vote ain’t in by then, you ain’t winnin’. All judges decisions are final. No cheating or other nefarious shenanigans.

What $20 Will Buy You…

In this harsh and unforgiving economy, it’s more important than ever to watch the pennies. As a public service, we’ve decided to offer some ideas on what 20 bucks can get you.

  • (2) Tickets to see a movie. Like Black Swan – A Tactical Ballet Story
  • (83) rounds of Winchester White Box 9mm ammo from the local Wal-Mart
  • (2) Large and (2) Mini ShamWows, plus, if you order now, get a Second Set FREE, plus a FREE Bonus, ANDShamWow Mop!


You can shoot this:


Napoleon 12 Pound Field Howitzer


At this:


(Nothing personal Jay G., you just had the best Mini van picture I could find) Img:


Apparently I’m going to be able to do exactly that at the blogger shooting event this weekend.

Now that’s bang for the buck.

The Micro Cannon in action

I have GOT to get one of these…

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