What Happens When You Shoot A Bullet Proof Vest? We Test Engarde Body Armor

The Dyneema soft panels fill the entire space of the carrier. Soft panels insert via a full-width Velcro closure across the bottom of the vest.

Did I mention we’re giving away a set of FREE body armor? Thanks to the good folks at Engarde, we are. You can get full contest details here, but in short, it’s simple to win. Just like our Facebook page and you’re entered. The Engarde folks sent us two sets of body armor. One to give […]

If Engarde Body Armor Can Protect Plastic Saddam, It Can Protect You

Is he a plastic Saddam Hussein or a 1970s Porn Star? We don't know, but either way he's protected with Engarde Body Armor.

Today’s work project is shooting plastic Saddam full of holes. Well, I think he’s supposed to be Saddam, but he kinda looks like a 1970s era porn star. Either way, it’s a service to humanity. But it’s not as unfair as it sounds. You see, he’ll be wearing Engarde Body Armor. So he has a […]

Want Free Body Armor From Engarde USA?

Win this Engarde USA body armor. A $625 value, it can be yours just for sharing a little "Like" on your Facebook page.

Hey folks, I’ve got some exciting news that may cheer you up in these troubled economic times. Great, now I sound like a G. Gordon Liddy commercial… The good folks at Engarde USA donated a free set of body armor for us to give to one of our lucky readers. Yes, that’s right. Free. No charge. […]

Cupid Upgrades To Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun


Recent reports from the Island of Mythical Fairytale Characters indicate that Cupid has decided to make a major equipment change after nearly a thousand years of bow and arrow use. Numerous sources have recently reported sightings of Cupid at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. “I saw him in several different booths” claimed SHOT […]