Home Gun Safety Solutions: Free to Not-so-free

Gun safety in the home can be as easy as using a gun lock, seen here. Gun locks are available for free thanks to industry partners and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

If you own a gun, you need to develop a gun security strategy. Period, paragraph, end of story. If you have kids in the house, that strategy needs to be an every day endeavor. If you don’t, but kids or guests cross the threshold of your home more than once per millennium, you still need to […]

5 Million Freakin’ People vs. Moms Demand Bloomberg Alimony Checks


Breaking news! The White House released a new report suggesting slight statistical corrections to previous figures. Earlier this year, Vice President Biden claimed that 90% of Americans support increased background checks. The new findings indicate that 90% of Americans actually ATTENDED the recent NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. You heard it here first folks. […]

Bloomberg Eases Concealed Carry Gun Permit Requirements

Mayor Bloomberg, New York City, MAIG Head

In a surprise announcement today, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a radical shift in New York’s concealed carry weapon permit policy. Previously, concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits were strictly controlled and granted only to those individuals able to demonstrate ‘proper cause’ for a handgun permit. Examples of proper cause include ‘A’ list celebrity status […]