Home Gun Safety Solutions: Free to Not-so-free

Gun safety in the home can be as easy as using a gun lock, seen here. Gun locks are available for free thanks to industry partners and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Gun safety in the home can be as easy as using a gun lock, seen here. Gun locks are available for free thanks to industry partners and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

If you own a gun, you need to develop a gun security strategy. Period, paragraph, end of story. If you have kids in the house, that strategy needs to be an every day endeavor. If you don’t, but kids or guests cross the threshold of your home more than once per millennium, you still need to think about gun security. 

Yes, the best security is training and education. But don’t forget to include visitors, who may not be as well-trained as your family, in your gun safety plan.

With a veritable plethora of safe gun storage options readily available, there’s just no excuse for an accident resulting from unauthorized gun access by a child or house guest. 

As with most consumer products, you can spend a lot of a little depending on the features and quality you want.  The best news? For gun owners, the solutions start at the very reasonable cost of… free! Of course, if you want extra features and gizmos, you can pay more.

Let’s take a look at a couple of solutions across the spectrum of free to platinum level. 

Free Solutions!

Yes, free. Really.

You’ve probably been hearing lots of noise from so-called “gun safety” organizations like Illegal Mayors Against Guns and Scary Things in Every Town with Moms. These new folks to the party claim to be promoting ” gun safety” because that headline makes the Nightly News with Brian IHaveReallyNiceHair.  When you look under the covers to find what safety programs they offer, you’ll find less substance than the contents of Justin Bieber’s Ph.D. Thesis entitled ”Thermodynamic Coupling of Biological Sulphur Sub-axial Spackle Oscillation.”

If you want to get real gun safety results in your home, you need look no further than the gun industry itself. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project Childsafe program has been delivering free, yes free gun locks to anyone who needs one for years. By partnering with local police stations across the country for delivery, the industry has delivered, to date, over 36 million safety kits including a free gun lock and safety brochure in all 50 states and 5 U.S. Territories. If you’re keeping count, that’s exactly 36 million more safety kits than Michael Bloomberg has delivered to date.

If you’re a gun owner, or a gun user in the law enforcement or security professions, you can render your gun safe at home for no cost at all. NSSF Safety Kits include a cable lock that renders a handgun completely inoperable. If you have a semi-automatic handgun, the cable winds through the slide and magazine well, preventing the gun from being loaded or fired. Revolver? No problem. Run the cable lock through the cylinder to put the gun out of operation. You can use a simple cable lock on most any kind of handgun, rifle, pump or semi-automatic shotgun. 

To find out where you can get a free gun lock, just visit projectchildsafe.org

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5 Million Freakin’ People vs. Moms Demand Bloomberg Alimony Checks


Breaking news! The White House released a new report suggesting slight statistical corrections to previous figures. Earlier this year, Vice President Biden claimed that 90% of Americans support increased background checks. The new findings indicate that 90% of Americans actually ATTENDED the recent NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. You heard it here first folks.

Speaking of 75,267 people, and yes that’s the actual number that attended the NRA Annual Meeting last weekend, the NRA’s new ad campaign makes it abundantly clear the difference between the anti-gun effort and the Second Amendment rights preservation effort.

In the words of a new NRA membership video called Bloomberg’s Millions, “He’s one guy with millions, but we’re millions with our 25 bucks. Let’s see who crushes who.”

That. Is. Brilliant.

As a career marketing puke, I know it’s a brilliant campaign because it doesn’t spin, fool, or exaggerate. It hits the crux of the issue harder than that Mike Tyson punch where he swacked Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover. In case you didn’t see the movie, that punch was painful to watch, but entertaining for all except Zach.

The issue is simply this. The NRA has no power. None. None whatsoever.

You know what has power? 5 million freakin’ people who voluntarily send $25 a year to the NRA because they believe in the NRA’s position.(Tweet This!)

Power comes from 75,267 men, women and children who spend a whole lot of their hard-earned money (thanks Indianapolis, you were wonderful hosts!) to travel across the country to visit, talk, see products, hear speeches and vote.

On the other hand, astroturf, or lack of power comes from…

Protest Prostitutes.

As you may have heard, there was a protest by Moms Demand Something Or Other For Baby Emus, no wait, I think it’s Moms Demand Salaries From Michael Bloomberg, hang on, I’ll get it in a minute. Moms Demand Every Town Install Free Pillow Spray Dispensers. I think that’s it, right? Sorry, they keep changing names so frequently I lose track.

Anyway, Mom’s Demand Bloomberg Alimony Checks came to Indianapolis to “confront and challenge” the NRA. Fortunately, there are cheap flights to Indy because Bloomberg had to foot the bill to fly the couple of dozen men and women holding identical, organization provided signs. That’s right; they had to be paid to protest.

If your sign and t-shirt are issued when you clock in for your protest shift, you might be a protest prostitute. (Tweet This)

If your convictions are for sale for $8.50 an hour, you might be a protest prostitute. (Tweet This)

If the energy level of your protest won’t melt butter on a hot day, you’re a protest prostitute. (Tweet This)

While entertaining to watch, protest prostitutes have no real power, they’re just the hired help.

Once there, and between union-mandated coffee breaks, they “confronted” the NRA from a safe distance of about a mile away. You know, because we’re all gun totin’ savages just raring to shoot people and shout things like “I was in fear for my life!” Especially moms.

Heck there was no need to confront. If they had bothered to come to the convention, they would’ve found 75,267 of the most polite and respectful people around. Well, in all honestly, it was only 75,266 because of that one guy who failed to say “excuse me” when he stepped in front of me at the Wall of Guns exhibit.

Let’s get back to the whole power thing.

Groups like Moms Demand Piers Morgan for President constantly refer to the NRA as if it were some autonomous organization that derives its power from an obelisk buried deep within the moon.

In fact, the only power that the NRA has comes from those 5 million freakin’ members who contribute 25 bucks a year to fund its efforts. Those are voluntary partings with hard-earned money by the way. Voluntary. Not one rich elitist with a couple of unemployed protest prostitute sycophants.

I don’t know why this is such a difficult concept for the gun control movement to understand. They continue to speak of the NRA as if it had a will of its own that disregarded the will of the people.

If I hear one more person talk about the political clout of the gun lobby and NRA, I’m going to strap on a meatloaf suit and jog through the African Lion Safari exhibit at Busch Gardens.

The NRA has too much power? 5 million freakin’ people are SUPPOSED to have political clout. Lots and lots of it. (Tweet This!)

It’s part of that whole constitutional republic democratic process thing. Remember?

It’s a simple concept.

“He’s one guy with millions, but we’re millions with our 25 bucks. Let’s see who crushes who.”

If you’re reading this, and are not a member of the NRA, you need to join now. If 10% of the people who agree with the NRA would simply join, we wouldn’t be having these silly discussions about preserving our rights.


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Bloomberg Eases Concealed Carry Gun Permit Requirements

Mayor Bloomberg, New York City

Mayor Bloomberg (Photo nydailynews.com)

In a surprise announcement today, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a radical shift in New York’s concealed carry weapon permit policy. Previously, concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits were strictly controlled and granted only to those individuals able to demonstrate ‘proper cause’ for a handgun permit. Examples of proper cause include ‘A’ list celebrity status (D-listers need not apply), proof of greater than normal risk of personal harm, last name of ‘Trump’, and Platinum level campaign donors.

Current CCW permit holders include singer and J-Lo beau Marc Anthony, lucky sperm club member Donald Trump, Jr., actor Robert DeNiro, and professional heckler Howard Stern. In addition to national treasures and celebrities du jour, permits have been granted to individuals who have proven themselves to be at greater than normal risk of physical harm. For example, daughter of garden party mogul Martha Stewart, Alexis Stewart, was recently granted a CCW permit when she claimed that she was regularly transporting large and valuable shipments of liver pate.

Under new screening guidelines, New York will consider offering CCW permits to the following groups of citizens under certain circumstances:

  • You agree to give up trans-fats in your diet for a period not less than one year
  • You are a current or retire NYC Politburo member
  • You are a “respectable” Reality TV star such as finalists from What Not to Wear, Top Chef, and Top Model. Current cast members of Jersey Shore will be excluded “for obvious reasons” according to Bloomberg.
  • You are Congressman Barney Frank
  • You are Yankees star Derek Jeter, provided you maintain a .320 hitting average
  • You’re a current cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live’ provided you continue to ‘toe the line.’

When questioned about the fairness of the new policies, Mayor Bloomberg replied “Shut up dammit. I bought the last election and I can buy the next one. It’s good to be king!”

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