How To Keep Your AR Rail Cool and Comfortable

Blackhawk! Low-Profile Rail Ladders installed and cut to size.

One of the last things we’re adding to the DPMS A3 Lite we’ve been customizing with Blackhawk! long rifle accessories are low-profile rail ladders. These polymer inserts attach to rail segments by snapping into place on both sides via the groove in between. They hardly add any thickness as the polymer only sits a millimeter […]

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas… 11 ounces of AR Bling


On the eleventh day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me… Eleven ounces of AR bling… Spikes Tactical AR15 7” BAR Lightweight Rail OK, so this one actually weighs in at only 10.93 ounces, but since it’s the holiday season, we’re rounding up, just like out bathroom scale does. The perfect add-on […]