A Brief History of Gun Holsters

Gun Holsters

Holsters have been around longer than you might think – almost as long as Cher has been parading around wearing doilies. In fact, holsters actually pre-dated guns. Do you really think bands of wooly mammoth hunters carried spears and rocks in their hands? After all, they couldn’t invent important things like fire and Brown Sugar […]

Holster Review: 10 Things You Can Do While Carrying A Gun With The Galco Ankle Glove

Galco Ankle Glove Holster with Ruger LCR Revolver

Holster Review: Galco Ankle Glove Holster First Impressions The Galco Ankle Glove is the Cadillac of ankle holsters. As if anyone could ever make that analogy. The foundation (the part that actually wraps around your ankle) is made of thick neoprene material. This is the same material that’s used to make wetsuits for divers and […]

Buyers Guide: Galco Ankle Glove Holster


It pays to buy quality. We’re about to publish a full review on this model as we’ve been using it regularly for about 3 months now. The sneak preview commentary is that this is one well constructed holster. The entire band is made of a thick neoprene type material that’s approximately 1/4” thick. Not only […]

Rockin’ Video Preview: Galco Ankle Holsters

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 1.32.59 PM

We’re doing an exhaustive torture test of three Galco ankle holster products: Galco Ankle Glove Galco Ankle Lite Galco Ankle Glove Calf Strap While that’s going on, we thought we’d post a quick video preview set to a hoppin’ Elvis theme song. This video will: Prevent you from making a fool of yourself when you […]