On the Eleventh Day of Christmas… 11 ounces of AR Bling


On the eleventh day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me… Eleven ounces of AR bling… Spikes Tactical AR15 7” BAR Lightweight Rail OK, so this one actually weighs in at only 10.93 ounces, but since it’s the holiday season, we’re rounding up, just like out bathroom scale does. The perfect add-on […]

Review: Hawke Optics Sidewinder Tactical Scope – Cool, but can it shoot the cocks?


The Good The value on this scope is great. It’s clear, consistent and very tactical looking – all for about 400 bucks. The Bad The battery on our illuminated reticle died fairly quickly. Just to note, the green setting appears to burn a good bit more juice. On the plus side, the etched reticle is […]

Review: Aimpoint Micro H-1 Red Dot Sight

Aimpoint Micro H-1 with LRP Mount and Micro Spacer High Mount

The Good This is a really well engineered piece of equipment. Versatile with thoughtful design. The Bad If I had to be really picky, I would prefer flip up lens covers instead of the connected rubber covers. They are designed to quickly pull down and rest around the sight base however so they don’t get […]

Review: The Gun Tool from Real Avid


The Good One relatively lightweight tool to carry in my shooting bag. The Bad No pliers included. In fairness though, this ‘feature’ probably prevents me from doing damage to things that should not be messed with using pliers. So let’s put this one in the benefit category! The Ugly I would like to see a […]

Review: Mack’s Ear Seals Shooter Earplugs

Macks Ear Seals Shooters Ear Plugs

Mack’s Ear Seals Shooter Earplugs Retail Price: ~$3.25 macksearplugs.com Mack’s offers a broad range of earplugs for multiple applications – shooting, construction, mothers-in-law, and screaming kids to name a few. The Ear Seals model is a low-cost, yet very effective design featuring a -27dB noise reduction rating. These were perhaps the quietest semi-disposable earplugs that […]