Shoot Like A Girl! I Dare You!

Team Glock - Randi Rogers

Team Glock - Randi Rogers

Girls are taking over the shooting sports… And that’s a great thing. This year especially has been remarkable in the sheer number of shooting companies, products, events, activities, and perspectives geared towards women. What’s most impressive though, is that most of this activity has been initiated not just for women, but by women.

Today’s case in point is the first ever Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) ladies only match scheduled for May 28-29 in Reevesville, SC. Hosted by B.E.L.T. Training, the Palmetto Glock Girl Shootout is aimed squarely at new women shooters. While experienced women shooters are sure to be there as well, B.E.L.T. and Glock are going the extra mile to get first time shooters and first time competitors there with pre-event training sessions, loaner Glock’s for the match, and more.

So ladies – if you’re anywhere nearby, sign up and participate. The mysterious SC Gun Goddess from B.E.L.T. Training will be there to show you the ropes!


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