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      Thanks! I just feel fortunate to have captured this 100% real, absolutely legitimate, actual conversation, that *really* happened on Facebook 😉 Hope all is well in TN! Watch out for rogue gun runners / walkers…

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    It sounds like you just found a gap in the makert there.All that’s needed is a bunch of nifty stickers and a mall operator who would like some free air time.The MSM may not like to report legitimate CCW use or the relationship between their sacred “disarmed victim zones” and mass public murdering sprees.How about a mall operator making safety one of the makerting points of their mall:”We have the latest fire detection and fire fighting equipment, all of our staff are trained in first aid and using defibrilators, and we not only allow concealed carry , we positively encourage it…. show a CCW permit and get a free coffee & muffin at any of our coffee shops…”The MSM could ignore it if they like, but I bet it would work. and if the MSM try to decry it, then they’d better come up with the figures

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