On the Fifth Day of Christmas… Five Magnum Things


On the fifth day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me…
Five magnum things…



henry big boy

Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum
Classy and cool. Gotta have one. While we’re at it, a set of two that adds a Golden Boy in .22LR would be nice.

ruger sp-101 357 magnum

Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum 4.2” barrel
Love the feel of the SP101 short barrel, the balance on this one should be pretty nice. And the fiber optic sight is festive green for the holidays.

kel-tec pmr-30

Kel-Tec PMR 30 .22 Magnum
Self defense? No.
Home defense. Not really.
Outrageously fun plinker? Absolutely!

coonan classic automatic

Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic
Why? I have no idea, but doesn’t it look like a blast?

barrett model 99

Barrett Model 99 .50 BMG
OK this is not technically a ‘magnum thing’ but who’s going to argue?




Four written words…
Three tactical pens…
Two shooting gloves
And a Smith and Wesson M and P


  1. says

    re Coonan

    Slightly pointless, but agree its a nifty concept.

    Only practical problem is you have to tweak some action parts to account for different strength loads.
    Not like a revolver that can shoot 38spl trailboss plinker and 357mag 125gr JHP with compressed H110.

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