North American Arms Introduces Nano Pinky Revolver

North American Arms Nano Pinky Revolver

North American Arms Nano Pinky Revolver

Provo, UT – In a move designed to preempt the onslaught of SHOT show announcements planned for the industry’s main event in January, North American Arms today announced its new Nano Pinky Revolver. Described by early customers as ‘teensy-weensy’ the new revolver is gaining accolades for its diminutive size.

Designed for maximum concealment, the Nano Pinky Revolver measures just 1.12 inches in length and weighs just 1.3 ounces.

Due to a lack of suitable holsters on the market, the company has decided to manufacture its own line. “We’re offering a few models” stated Mini Me, Nano Product Line Spokesperson for North American Arms. “The first ones available will be a matched set of earring holsters. We think its especially cool that you can carry your primary gun on the right ear and your back up gun on the left. And if you get them mixed up, it just doesn’t matter.”

North American Arms Spokesperson Mini Me

North American Arms Spokesperson Mini Me

While the company will sell the earring holsters separately, there are special price breaks for the pair. The best deals are expected to be featured on Shoshanna’s Fashion Jewelry Essentials on QVC. Next on the market will be matched cufflink holsters for the man about town who wishes to pack a little heat. “Of course this will only benefit guys who habitually wear French Cuffs” said Mini Me.

Not all are impressed by the size of the new revolver. “Forget trying to pistol whip someone with this gun” complained Harry Callahan, well known San Francisco Detective. “Punks are just not all that intimidated when I threaten them with this thing. My .44 Magnum worked much better for cracking some deadbeats skull.”


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    I agree with the folks who liked the picurte, it’s a great picurte. It really clearly illustrates not only the smoke ring , but the shooter’s right elbow locked in a straight position, and effects of recoil from shooting great big cartridges from itty bitty guns. Problem is that the effects of both the position of the elbow (preventing the effective recoil force from going straight back instead of up) and the fact that the recoil begins when the cartridge is fired, not after the bullet leaves the barrel, means that guy is unlikely to be able to hit any definite target very effectively (e.g., don’t aim for center of mass, aim for the third button down on the target’s shirt that way, you’re likely to at least hit the center of mass, while if you aim for center of mass , you’re unlikely to hit the target at all).I think the original advice was best it may be fun to shoot the first three to five shots out of an ultralight J frame in .357 (until the web of your palm hurts too much to continue), but for defensive purposes, a standard K frame in .38 with a four-inch barrel is much more effective.

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