Massachusetts Bullet Micro-stamping Scheme Expose

Massachusetts Gun Microstamping

Massachusetts Gun Microstamping

Inside sources have revealed a seditious agenda behind the recent push in Massachusetts to enforce microstamping on firearm cartridges.


  1. I want to stamp my reloaded brass with “If you can read this, you’ve arrested the wrong guy.”

  2. Braden Lynch says:

    How about, “This brass was fired elsewhere, by someone other than the criminal and deposited here.” Well, that would be nice, if the criminal decided to leave any spent brass there at all. Yet another useless gun control scheme.


  1. […] the fifth to dial 911. Just a thought in case you live in a gun-unfriendly state like Kalifornia or Massachusetts. In comparison, the Glock 17 Gen 4 weighs in at 31.92 ounces loaded. Or six and a half iPhones if […]

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