Iron Horse Iron Holster


The folks at American Rogue recently emailed us a video highlighting their Pistol Holster Belt for the Modern Iron Horse Cowboy. The product is actually not a holster per-se, but rather a belt plate to which you can attach a standard holster and magazine carriers. We suppose the idea is to attach your standard holster and gun to the Pistol Holder Belt while Easy Riding and then re-attach to your belt when you arrive at your destination.

We’re thinking that since the product is aimed at Iron Horse Cowboys, the rig needs to be extended to handle a Mare’s Leg from Henry Repeating Rifles. Now that would round things out and provide some nice balance on the other side of the bike.

Henry Mare's Leg

Henry Mare's Leg

We’re going to contact American Rogue about getting an eval unit for testing and review. One minor issue is that we don’t own a Harley, so of course we’ll have to ask the good folks at American Rogue to supply us with a loaner bike. If you all could send us a Harley Davidson Soft-Tail Cross Bones for a year or so that would be much appreciated!

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