Interesting Facts About “Acts of Valor”

Interesting facts learned about the forthcoming movie Act of Valor from the 5.11 Tactical briefing event at SHOT Show:

  • Charlie Sheen is NOT in the movie.
  • The Seals portrayed in the movie are active duty. Most deployed or redeployed at some time during production (or after)
  • Many scenes had to be resumed months later after a character returned from a mid-production deployment.
  • Operations portrayed in the movie were planned by the Seals. Only then was the camera plan developed.
  • The movie is a fictitious portrayal of 5 specific Acts of Valor that have occurred during the past 10 years of combat.
  • Much of the movie was filmed using live fire. Yes, real bullets.
  • The movie took over 4 years to produce.
  • “Studios have a way of wrecking the process.” So the movie was funded and produced outside of traditional Hollywood channels.
  • The producers and actors / seals were average retail customers of 5.11 Tactical prior to the movie.
  • There is “zero policy” in the film – it’s all about the people.

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