How Much SHOT Show Bling Does the 5.11 COVRT 18 Hold?

How much SHOT Show bling can the 5.11 COVRT 18 Backpack hold without exploding?

  • 5.11 Tactical media kit – Rubberized USB drive for impact resistance in tough literary assault conditions
  • EyeShield Fact Sheet from Field Optics
  • Invitation to a special pre-screening of the Movie Act of Valor (coming out in theaters February 23rd) And yes, the movie is pretty awesome. Lot’s of hardware.
  • SilencerCo T shirt, size 2XL. Vegas food is a little on the rich side you know.
  • Colt’s Manufacturing USB drive media kit
  • (3) cardboard tubes containing 19 personalized and signed posters of trade show models for the nephews. It’s for them. Really.
  • Surefire E2 Defender light
  • Packet of HOT Hands hand warmers
  • (2) SWR T shirts, size large
  • Blade-Tech 2012 printed catalog. We’re in it, with a quote about the durability of the Looper Brand / Blade-Tech kydex reinforced belt
  • Backup printed SHOT Show pull-out floor map. You never know when your smartphone, SHOT Show navigation app, or the show floor wireless could go down – leaving you lost and stranded on the trade show floor for days.
  • (3) 5.11 Tactical hats
  • MacBook Pro – 15 inch
  • Macbook Pro power adapter kit
  • Passport
  • (4) Bass Pro gift cards
  • Nail clippers
  • (2) pads of SilencerCo Loud Mouth tear off targets
  • Advil bottle. Should have brought seven or eight of these.
  • Jar of Top of the Food Chain dry rub
  • (3) screening passes to see Act of Valor
  • SilencerCo 2012 printed catalog
  • Pocket lens cleaner kit from Field Optics
  • Box containing (3) EyeShields
  • Large stack of My Gun Culture business cards
  • Wallet stuffed with receipts. This boondoggle is tax deductible after all.
  • Fancy ink pen. Didn’t use it. Not even once.
  • Tide to Go Pen – used to remove coffee stains from a white shirt prior to a 9am meeting with Smith & Wesson.
  • CZ-USA Press Kit on CD-ROM
  • Standard iPhone USB cable and wall charging adapter
  • USB cable for the Mophie Juice Pack battery case (iPhone)
  • (2) pairs iPhone earbuds. We always carry a backup. Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.
  • gift cards
  • Stack of My Gun Culture publication profile brochures to help convince folks to subject themselves to invasive and silly My Gun Culture interviews
  • Extremely cool Act of Valor T shirt
  • (2) spare 123A batteries for the Surefire
  • Gargoyles Eyewear Striker ballistic defense glasses to protect against overly aggressive free bling seekers
  • $5.42 in loose pocket change

Not too shabby. And we didn’t even use the QuickTact accessory straps or side access Backup Belt System compartment.

There was more than one occasion where we wished we had used the flex cuff attachment points

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