1. Bart Daugherty says

    Banning some weapons because they “look” like military style weapons (because they have a pistol grip or whatever) makes as much sense as banning certain cars because they have racing stripes painted on them. Did these idiots ever stop to consider that accoutrements such as a pistol grip are NOT designed to subliminally put people into “attack mode” – but rather for comfort and ease of handling? Functionality? Ergonomics?

    Furthermore, it is not an “assault weapon” – it is a defense weapon. The ONLY time it will become anything even resembling an “assault weapon” is if the gun grabbers try and take it from me.

    And as far as magazine capacity – to quote Governor Cuomo, “NOBODY NEEDS 10 BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!!!!”. I agree, governor. HOWEVER when 4 or 5 gang bangers kick in my door and I am immediately placed into a stressful, panic situation, limiting ME to 7 bullets means I had better be a damned good shot! (and, of course, all of the gang bangers will, in spite of ILLEGALLY carrying guns, will obey the 7 bullet law. Yeah, And the world is definitely flat, the Pope is Jewish, and Benedict Arnold was a true patriot…) Besides, when did Cuomo get to decide that the 2nd Amendment was only about deer hunting? I don’t recall seeing the words ‘deer hunting’ in the Constitution…

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