Gun Microstamping Scheme Revealed

Gun Microstamping Messages Revealed!

Gun Microstamping Messages Revealed!

Just days ago, Assembly Bill 1157, introduced by New York Assemblyman Michelle Schimel, was heard by the state assembly. The proposed law would require that all semi-automatic pistols delivered to licensed firearms dealers in the state of New York imprint alpha-numeric or similar codes on cartridge casings upon discharge of the weapon.

While many are concerned with ultimate motives of the legislation, or cost ramifications, we at My Gun Culture wonder what the microstamps will say…



    • says

      Now there you go again. You’ve totally invalidated the whole micro-stamping scheme by letting criminals know that all they have to do is tumble their brass. I guess our dear friend Mayor Bloomberg will have to come up with another plan to get his way…

  1. Tag says

    I wonder if these geniuses considered that a piece of sandpaper would render this expensive imprinting useless? Oh, of course they have. This is nothing more than another tactic to make ammunition too expensive for citizens to afford.

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