Groupon for Gunnies!! Deal of the Day Deal of the Day

We love to see gun and shooting businesses and ideas go mainstream. Here’s a cool one we just heard about yesterday:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for free (provide your email address)
  2. Get a new gear deal emailed to you each day
  3. Buy it if you want
  4. If you forward the deal to a friend, and they buy, you get $5 in GearHog bucks for your next purchase.

The first deal we saw was getting $25 in Brownells accessories for $12.50. Nice! Been wanting that aftermarket grip for our DPMS AR…


  1. cj says

    So far, the Brownells was the best deal. Since then, it’s been a bunch of remanufactured ammo, slightly lower than factory new, and ‘deals’ that can be easily matched or beaten with a 2 minute web search…or in a couple cases are maybe 5% below regular pricing (while they mention the MSRP to boost the supposed % off). The idea is great, I just wish they’d had some better reputable offers signed up before kicking it off as they’re damaging their reputation…most of the ‘deals’ aren’t even picked up on the deal hunting sights, and those sights get just about anything like this posted.

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