Frustrated Mexican Government Confirms Judge Judy Appearance

Judge Judy

Judge Judy to rule on Mexican government vs. US gun manufacturers dispute

Earlier this week, gun news site reported that the Mexican government has retained New York law firm Reid, Collins, and Tsai to explore legal options against United States based firearm manufacturers. Most industry insiders don’t expect the suit to make much headway.

According to Beretta USA General Manager Ben Cartwright, “This comes at a bad time for Mexico’s legal effort. Just this week, Wikileaks released cables between US and Mexican diplomats stating that most heavy armament used by Mexican drug cartels does not in fact originate from Cabela’s and Bass Pro stores in the US, but from Central American army defectors.”

Others observe that since passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in 2005 no frivolous lawsuits have had success in federal courts.

Mexican Legal Attache Julio Iglesias Jr.

Mexican Legal Attache Julio Iglesias Jr.

Frustrated by these roadblocks, Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s trusted advisor and legal attache Julio Iglesias, Jr. has announced that the matter has been accepted for judgement and resolution by Judge Judy. The My Gun Culture crack investigative team has learned some of the terms of the hush-hush deal. In return for an undisclosed cash sum, Mexico will be invited to the show this fall to present its case. Unnamed Judge Judy staffers are also hinting that the deal will allow Mr. Iglesias, Jr. to perform his new hit single, The Way I Want You, just before closing arguments. President Calderon appears confident that the performance will sway Judge Judy to rule in favor of the Mexican Government.

No word as of press time as to whether any gun manufacturers will attend the taping.


  1. larry says

    If this is satire (and I can only hope by the great holy mother of f**k that it is), perhaps that should be indicated somewhere. I have little knowledge of international law, but the legal processes in the US are now so badly compromised that I’m not certain I don’t believe this could happen.

    There…obtuse enough?

    • says

      Hmmm. This site has been known to engage in just a little bit of satire on occasion… So with that said, the scarier question is what’s more realistic these days: Mexico using Judge Judy instead of our legal system, or Julio Iglesias Jr. singing during the proceedings? Unfortunately neither are out of the realm of possibility as you suggest :-)

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