Free Holsters! And Our “High Road” Response To A Vicious Attack By Women’s Outdoor News

Mmm. Yet another vicious and completely unprovoked attack by the Tacti-Chix over at Women’s Outdoor News

And, as before, here we are, innocently minding our own business, eating Cheetos and butter while watching Project Ultimate Monster Truck. Harming no one, except maybe Eric Holder for his role in Fast and Furious. After all we’re a community pillar of class and tasteful refinement, excepting that unfortunate Whoopee Cushion incident in church the other day.

Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holsters

Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holsters

Apparently the girls at @TeamWON have been watching too many political ads and the lies, half-truths, and distortions have tainted their judgement. In their recent open letter, they clearly accuse us, yes US, of neglecting women with our fetish coverage of holsters.

Yes, we recently finished a free PDF version of our Insanely Practical Holster Guide. And in that, we did in fact cover some women’s holsters. I am quite certain we mentioned Lisa Looper’s Flashbang bra holster. And Lisa Looper is a woman. And the Flashbang is for women only. And of course some special men with a little extra up top.

OK, so our initial coverage may have little light for the Y chromosome types.

But, in fairness to us, the Insanely Practical Holster Guide was just an introductory teaser to our full length book, due out on, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes by December 1, 2012.

In our full length Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters, we cover lots and lots of women’s holsters. In fact, we’ve got a whole chapter devoted to holsters for women only. And of course, the other chapters feature many unisex holsters – those equally appropriate for members of all seven sexes.

We’re glad that all y’all ladies over there called out this issue by giving away a Blackhawk Level 2 Serpa Tactical Thigh Holster rig. We gotta hand it to you – that’s some pretty awesome gear for an active lady. We’re actually in the end stages of finishing up a review on a waist mounted Serpa setup and it’s pretty awesome. Rock solid.

Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces fixed blade knife

Another must have accessory for the tactical girl – the Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces Knife.

And one of our genuine female editors, who also happens to be my daughter, has been Jonesing for a Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces fixed blade knife. Yes, I trained her well thank you very much.

While we totally respect your choice of the Blackhawk Thigh Rig as an ultimate ladies holster contender, we think you’ll have to agree that the well equipped woman will also need something a little dressier for evening events – like some light 7 figure gambling at the Monte Carlo Casino. While the thigh rig would be effective, it definitely does not go with silk, pearls and those really cool rectangular Baccarat chips.

So we’re going to recommend something with function and pizazz – the Pretty Dangerous Accessories holster. It fits a variety of guns, can be carried in a variety of ways, and comes in really sexy styles. Like hair-on cowhide, red crocodile, purple ostrich, and black lizard. We just completed a more detailed review here.

Just as a teaser, and to show that we’re not women ignorers, we’re going to host our own free holster giveaway extravaganza. With a little help from Pretty Dangerous Accessories, who are graciously donating the free holsters.

We’re going to give away not one, but two Pretty Dangerous Accessories holsters.

How to win a free Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holster!

Here’s the easy part. Just leave a comment below. That’s it.

And for your shot at winning a Blackhawk Serpa Tactical Thigh Rig and some gear from Girls With Guns Clothing, just leave a comment on Women’s Outdoor News here.

We’ll both be doing a random drawing on Monday November 4 to pick a bunch of lucky winners!

Now would you Women’s Outdoor News chicks please let me get back to my Cheetos and butter?


  1. says

    My, my, my … we do not take back the gauntlet, our man of your Gun Culture. Your Gun Culture focused on the one holster that had to be placed on a woman’s bra. Although we realize that Ms. Looper makes other fine holsters, like the Sophia, which we carry, we find it interesting and so like something a Cheetos and butter eating guy would do — mention the bra holster.

    Also, we think you missed the part about one of your readers getting a Girls with Guns’ hoodie and hat. Or, were you planning on keeping those for yourself, or maybe, to give to your daughter for Christmas? And, hey, if she gets tired of cranking out copy for her old man, let her know that she’s got an open invitation to join us over here — where we talk about all types of holsters, not just the booby ones.

    • says

      Well I kinda wanted the Girls with Guns hoodie and hat for myself. If I promoted that too much I would just be lowering my odds of winning!

    • says

      may not make the most products out of all the difrefent gun holster and accessory products there are to choose from, but the ones they do make are among the best,

  2. says

    Well said lady,I notice that most of us ladies have something in common other than our love for guns and hunting, we LOVE Cheetos!!!! Cowhide rocks. Candy Yow

  3. Robert Eld says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a holster. I really enjoyed the article. As long as both sides are understood and we are supporting each other in our defense of the 2nd Amendment, we all win.

    • says

      Thanks Robert – We’re all just teasing – we love those crazy ladies over at Women’s Outdoor News! We’re all good friends and have to resort to some friendly bashing and name calling when we all get bored. If you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to their weekly email as well


      • says

        Dear Robert,
        We are very much in the same league as old Tom here, except we like our Cheetos without butter and uh flaming! And yes, please do feel free to come on over to Women’s Outdoor News and visit and enter our contest for the thigh rig holster, Girls with Guns’ hoodie and hat!

        Thanks, Tom.

  4. Stacy says

    I have 2 holsters from pretty dangerous accessories and I have to say they are awesome! The next one I get (hopefully win) I will order opposite though so I can carry in in the waist band. But I do love them!

  5. Bonnie says

    Great article and I agree with Kim…options are good and I am more particular to unisex holsters. Wait I take that back…I am MORE partial to WINNING FREE holsters 😉 #hinthint
    Have a great day!

  6. Beth says

    Very interested in trying the holster as pistols can be had to conceal on small framed girls. I love the versatility and am particular to the Ostrich ones. Also looking forward to the full length book!!

  7. Yvonne says

    I tease my husband all the time – he has more holsters than I have shoes! He takes more time picking out just the right holster to wear than I spend trying to decide what clothes to wear.

    Love the holster colors and designs! I would love to wear one

  8. says

    Just wanted to pop on and say thank you for all of your nice comments about our holsters! Also, a very special thanks to Tom too!

    We have a lot of colors and textures of holsters and we are always adding to the line. For all you lefties or Inside the Waistband On the Hip carriers, we can custom order holsters for you at no additional cost. They will just take a little time to make.

    Please feel free to stop by our Facebook page and say hi! There are a lot of product photos there, and we have the best fans around! We would love for you all to be part of the Pretty Dangerous family!

    Or you can shop our website too,

    Thanks again!

    Julie aka Pretty Dangerous

  9. Pinkzebraglockgirl says

    This is so awesome!! I love giveaways and what better of a giveaway than a cool new holster for my pink zebra glock 26. I would love to put my cerokated gun in an awesome holster. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway :-) hope to hear from you Monday :-) thanks!! Jennifer

    • says

      Hey PinkZebraGlockGirl! Your lucky number came up and you win a Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holster! I’ll email you to arrange shipping.


      • Pinkzebraglockgirl says

        Omg…this is so awesome. I’ve never won anything before. What an awesome way to end my day and disappointment in this election. Glad to have a holster for my 1st gun, really needed this. Thank you so much!! You guys rock!! Can’t wait to get it. :-)

        • says

          Just saw your email that you want to use this with a Glock 26. The PDA holster is a GREAT fit for that gun – it will work out really well for you!

  10. Barbara Daca says

    Had to come back because I just saw a BRA HOLSTER! Now use women put all manner of stuff in there anyway, so just saying, maybe ya’ll want to check it out!

  11. Angel Mathes says

    While I most often prefer purple, I think my Cheetos-covered fingertips would probably prefer the black holster, in this case. :) Thanks for making the offer!

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