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The Looper Flash Bang Bra Holster

One of my more embarrassing moments at the NRA Annual Meeting was interviewing Lisa Looper of Looper Brand, makers of the new Flash Bang line of ‘naughty holsters.’ By the way, ‘naughty holsters’ is my description, not hers!

I’m a happily married guy, and here I am talking to Lisa, closely examining a mannequin of a woman’s breasts, complete with a pink brassiere. With hundreds of tough lookin’ NRA dudes staring at me. It got a lot more interesting when Lisa had to ask a group of women examining the new Flash Bang Bra Holster to step back so I could take some close up photos.

Things completely broke down for me when Lisa, who is very pregnant, asked me to see if I could spot the gun she was carrying. Ummm. Nope! I think that was the right answer, because I was not about to stare inappropriately trying to spot it! Lisa’s husband was working in the booth by the way. And he was probably carrying. I’m not entirely stupid you know.

The things I do for loyal My Gun Culture readers… I’m such a giver.

Looper Flash Bang Bra Holster

Split-Bottom Kydex Secures the Gun

Anyway, the basic idea, as shown by the included photos, is that an open-bottomed kydex mold is made for specific gun models like snubbie revolvers, Kel-Tec‘s, Ruger LCP‘s, Sig P238‘s and similar guns. The leather strap with a metal snap attaches the kydex assembly to your (or her) existing bra, and the whole mess kind of tucks up underneath the, umm, chest area. When the gun needs to be accessed, the user simply pulls downward on the grip and the gun snaps out of the kydex holster. Nifty. And quick. And sexy.

Those of you who are quick on the uptake will now understand the product line name: Flash… Bang! For those of you that scored less that 600 on the SAT’s, you lift up your blouse, flash your attacker, create a moment of shock and awe, then… bang!

If I had seen this before we published our Mothers Day Gift Guide, it certainly would have been included!

We’ll try one out soon and post a full review here. Actually ‘she’ will test it out. Although I am rapidly gaining weight, I do not yet have adequate man boobs to conceal my Glock 32 under the Flash Bang setup. Maybe after a few more pizzas.

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Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters


  1. I can see it now….. booths set up at State Fairs and Gun Shows all across the country just so women can try these holsters out on their own bras. Works for me! I’ll be more than happy to give my opinion if I’m shocked & awed…Heck, if I’m shocked & awed enough, I might even go “BANG” myself!

  2. For a complete woman’s review check out

  3. Tom- what are you, like 12? You can’t do a product review without getting a hard on? Sorry, but I didn’t find that “funny” or “cute”, but pathetic. Serious product for serious problem. It’s a great idea and the pic above shows it clearly. Great work Lisa and Looper Brand!

  4. I’m a plus sized woman with plenty of curves and such and finding a holster that can be easily hidden is a challange. But when I seen flashbang I fell in love and must have one bur cant find anyone to contact for purchase, except on ebay, but I cant find one for my gun :-(. Tell me can I get one for a rugger LC9 9mm?

  5. Wow, Jamie, lighten up. Guys will be guys and they are different than we are like it or not. Thanks Tom!

  6. I have a Flashbang holster for my S&W .36 revolver. The concept is great BUT if you carry extra weight like I do…it doesn’t conceal well. It’s fine while standing up but once you sit down the roll of fat under your breasts pushes the gun up and out. Wish I would have known that before I spent the $40.

  7. I have this holster and LOVE it. Comfortable, accessible, and absolutely concealable. If you are diminutive is stature then you know how hard it is to find a holster that “works”. I am… 5′ 1 and small busted, but I can use this with no problem. You have to play with it to find the proper fit. After that, it’s the best thing to happen to concealed carry for women! And it keeps your weapon warm as as well!

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