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    I shot the CZ Scorpion yesterday. The ambidextrous safety/selector switch, when holding the grip in the proper position with my finger on the trigger, BITES into the knuckle of my trigger finger. Each shot causes a recoil into the bony prominence of my trigger finger’s knuckle. After 2 shots this way, I complained to the Range Officer where I had rented the weapon. I then warped, yes, warped, not wrapped, my trigger finger over the top of the safety/selector switch to empty the magazine. It is a nice piece, but needs a redesign on this issue.

    I enjoyed the weapon and while greatly enamored of it, would only purchase one if I could successfully grind off the right hand safety/selector switch or find a replacement that is redesigned. Otherwise, I like the weapon, especially if the BATFE is successful in banning 5.56 NATO.

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