Coming Soon! Colt M2012 CR

Colt is showing a couple of prototypes of a very impressive bolt action rifle. The M2012 CR is a 13 pound, decked to the nines tactical and/or fun long range rifle.

The first versions should be out in a couple of months in .308. Short term plans include .223 and .22-250 chamberings – among others yet to be determined.

With 13 pounds of beef, this rifle should have virtually no recoil. Adjustable comb, 60 degree bolt, and a spiral-fluted barrel make it beastly looking and functional.

Estimated retail is about $3,700 give or take.

Can’t wait to shoot one…


  1. richard says

    Was there and went through the rifle. Nice try colt, I give you credit however, Price is insane-Savage 10BAS will clean its clock. Colt needs to study the competition in that market share and adjust the price.

  2. NRA member says

    Whew-what a price on that collection of non-colt made parts.Colt, I hope you are listening-you are surrounded in St. Louis by dozens of precision, target and LE rifles yet somehow you think that you can beg almost 4 grand for a rifle with not so much as a match to its credit or garrentee on accuracy? Is your customer serivce line still off the hook? Time to rethink the market share dream and back up the show talk with straight up competition-like Savage does, until then you’ll be telling everyone “oh we can’t build them fast enough” while in reality they’ll be laying around the shop waiting for all the subs to ship thier part for orders that only come from check bouncers.

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