Concealed Carry Myths: Double-action Pistols Suck For Self-defense

On a concealed carry gun, is a long , heavy, double-action trigger a benefit or a curse?

Recently, there has been much rekindled and rehashed debate on whether striker-fired guns are the spawn of Satanic fire-breathing seahorses or the most effective self-defense technology ever to grace a holster. Some folks remain convinced that striker-fired guns like Glocks have trigger press motions that are too easy and too short. According to this view, […]

5 Must-have Hand Tools For Reloading Ammunition

You'll need a couple of basic tools, like these Frankford Arsenal calipers and Hornady beam scale.

Getting started in reloading is kind of like equipping the kitchen in your first apartment. Sure, you can go primitive and start with only a cast iron frying pan, or if you’re an expert in college dorm cooking, an electric hot pot. While you can make everything from Cajun steaks to corn bread with a […]

Handgun Skills: The Living Room Drill

This is the Next Level Training SIRT Practice Pistol. The red slide clearly indicates that it’s not a real gun.

The very best way to improve your shooting is to not go shooting. That’s right. Stay home. Do not go to the range. Do not pass Go and do not spend $200 on ammo. Yet. Here’s why. Of all the things required to make an accurate shot—sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press and follow through—trigger […]

Why I Don’t Use the Slide Release Lever

Do you use that handy lever on the side or your support hand to snap the slide back and release it?

Have you ever noticed that when two people sit behind a desk on TV after 8pm, they can’t even seem to agree on anything, like whether or not Howard Stern has bad breath? Top shooting instructors have the same issue, although I don’t think they spend much time discussing Howard’s oral hygiene. Far too often, […]

Concealed Carry: Find the Method That’s Best for You

Galco's Kingtuk is supremely elegant and the attention to detail is evident.

Several years ago I was carrying a Glock 32 in one of those spandex undershirts that has a gun pocket. While bending over to pick up something off the ground, the spandex material and the polymer of the gun frame combined to create what seemed to be an anti-gravity effect, like a high-speed train speeding […]

Are You Milking the Trigger?

Milking the gun tends to move the point of impact low and to the side.

As I was born in the not-very-rural oceanside town of Corona Del Mar, I know less about milking cows than I do about birthing llamas. But I’m pretty sure that effective cow milking involves squeezing the udders with various degrees of pressure to get whole milk, butter and cottage cheese direct from the factory, so to […]

The Ultimate Hearing Protection Solution?

I recently tried these, and am now totally spoiled.

I’ve got a serious bug up my butt about hearing protection. Even now, in the year 2015, I go to my local outdoor shooting range and see people who are not wearing ear protection. Worse yet, I see people bring kids to this range, also without hearing protection. Rather than freak out and gripe at […]

IWB Holsters: Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Bought My First

The grip panel of this Crimson Trace Lasergrip is textured like skateboard tape, as designed. That’s why I always wear an undershirt with this combination.

I own more inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters than I care to count. By “more”, I mean enough that if you lined them up end to end, they would reach from here to Hillary Clinton’s email server, wherever that is. I have this, umm, significant collection not because I use them regularly, but because I’ve bought, tried […]

Mr. Manners School of Shooting Range Etiquette

Shooting etiquette is so confusing. I can never remember if you work from the outside in, or inside out. Is it “.22’s and .380’s first” or are they used for dessert? And which one is correct to use with the main course?

When I grow up, I’m going to start a charm school for shooting. You know, like cotillion. That’s where exasperated parents sent us poorly behaved children to learn about proper fork and spoon use and doing the Foxtrot safely while wearing braces. With all my cotillion penance, I don’t remember a single field trip to […]

How I Shot My Dining Room Table…

Shooting your furniture wreaks havoc on that lustrous lemon shine.

You know the four rules of gun safety, right? If you don’t, you should, else you might destroy your furniture. That’s almost always tough on the wax finish. Trust me, I know. A gun is ALWAYS loaded, so treat it accordingly. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Never point your […]