Long Range Shooting Made Easy

Kestrel AE and Ballistic AE iPhone software

Ballistic knowledge–knowing how far your bullet, fired from your rifle in the local atmospheric conditions, will drop at different ranges–can spell the difference between a hit and a miss. If you hunt, you need to know the exact trajectory of your projectiles at given ranges so you can make a humane kill. If you shoot […]

Build an AR: Choosing and Installing the Barrel

Barrel fluting doesn't just look cool, it has practical benefits too. This LWRC barrel is 20% lighter and cools faster.

The beautiful thing about building your own rifle is that you can be really, really picky about what components you choose. It’s your rifle, and you’re building it for your specific purposes so you can optimize each and every part according to your intended use of the finished product. While numerous components and the assembly […]

Concealed Carry Myth: You Don’t Need a Holster

A good pocket holster not only protects the trigger, it orients the gun for easy and consistent draws.

I just carry in my belt, and my gun stays there just fine. I carry my J-Frame revolver in my pocket, no problem! I hear those statements all the time, but I know of at least seven people who would disagree with the wisdom of not using a holster. We’ll get to them in a […]

Advanced Mil-Dot: Estimating Distance Using Your Scope

Using a mil-dot scope to figure out how far away an object is requires only a little simple math.

Recently we introduced the whole concept of the mil-dot (or milliradian) system for rifle scopes in Mil-Dot Made Easy. In that article, we got into the practical application of how mil-dot scopes can be used to figure out how to aim at a distant target. With simple math, you can figure out how much adjustment […]

Seven Things You Need to Clean A Gun

This Outers brass cleaning rod is softer than the steel of your bore and comes in segments, so you can adjust the length for longer or shorter barrels.

While cleaning a gun is a fairly simple chore, it really helps to use the right equipment. Improper tools and solutions can make the job harder and even cause damage to your valuable firearm. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to clean a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. 1. A Cleaning Rod The most […]

Concealed Carry Myths: That Caliber Has Too Much Recoil!

Most of us have a love / hate relationship with recoil.

“I like my .380 because it hardly kicks.” “I hate my .380 compact because it kicks like an ill-tempered donkey.” “I don’t want a .40 S&W because the recoil is too much for me.” “My .40 S&W is the softest shooting gun; I love it!” “9mm is the way to go because the recoil is […]

AR Operations: Direct Impingement vs. Piston Operated

Imagine the bolt (below) inside of the bolt carrier (above) and you can see how the gas flow works.

All AR-type rifles have plenty of gas; they just deal with it differently. Eugene Stoner had plenty of gas. So much so that he designed his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to work entirely on gas flow. The method of operation was called direct impingement. Well, people refer to it as direct impingement, but it’s really a […]

How to Clean Your Handgun

This is....not the right way to clean your handgun.

Back when I was younger and even more naïve than I am now, I owned a restaurant and attended a seminar presented by the world’s leading expert on cleaning things. He pointed out one thing that I remember to this day: bad mopping technique. What does this have to do with cleaning guns? Plenty. Bad […]

Concealed Carry Myths: Semi-Autos Suck Because Revolvers Don’t Jam

A quality revolver always goes "bang", right?

“A revolver never jams!” I hear this one virtually every time I visit a gun store. Given what I do for a living, I simply can’t help picking up the sales conversations at the gun counter. Yeah, I know. That’s nosey and none of my business. Whether it’s my business to overhear or not, the […]