One Funny Interview with Steve Hornady…

Our friends at Guns & Ammo bring us a hysterical interview with Steve Horandy about the new Z-Max Zombie Ammo Line…

Redneck Fire Alarm

Learn something new every day… From Marooned

Occupy something or other while open carrying…

An interesting and sure to be peaceful idea from the Weerd Beard himself!

Why concealed carry works…

From Miguel at Gun Free Zone


Say Uncle made me laugh out loud. In the morning even :-)

There’s a Storm comin’

I always liked the Beretta Storm. Check out Jay’s take and cool photo

Ultimate Muzzle Blast

Dragon’s Breath at night.

New Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano 9mm

Beretta Nano 9mm

Not quite as small as the North American Arms Nano Pinky Revolver we wrote about a while back, but Beretta is coming out with a new small form factor gun this October. The Beretta Nano initially comes out in 9mm and should have a street price of around $475. While it looks nothing like the PX4 series, it does carry some common design elements like a beveled slide and frame texture.

More info from Guns and Ammo here.

Cool Special Ops Room Cleaning Video

From On the Firing Lines

I Hate Snakes.

Fill Yer Hands’ scientific method for testing CCI 9mm shotshells: “I shot him in the face

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