Half-Cocked: AR & AK At The Unemployment Line

Dick and Cheaper Than Dirt cop out - adventures of AR and AK Half Cocked

Half-Cocked: White House Announces New Security Measures

White House enhances security with gun free zone

Half-Cocked: So Who Did You Vote For?

AR and AK - Who Did You Vote For?

Half-Cocked: Fast & Furious Trick or Treating at The White House

Fast and Furious Trick or Treat at The White House

Half-Cocked: Attorney General Clears Himself of Fast and Furious Wrongdoing

Attorney General Eric Holder clears himself of Operation Fast and Furious wrongdoing

Half-Cocked: Eric Holder’s New Job


Another Robbery Foiled By Common Sense Gun Laws…

Robbery Foiled by No Guns Sign

Half-Cocked: Happy 2012!


Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General…

Half-Cocked: Watch the Lies Mr. Attorney General...

Half-Cocked: California Legal Assault Rifles…

Half-Cocked: California Legal Assault Rifle

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