Bushnell’s New Long-Range Shooting Solution

Bushnell's ARC CONX (right) shown with Kestrel meter and smartphone app.

In the really cool use of technology category is a brand new product from Bushnell. Rangefinders have been out for a while now. To me, they’re somewhat miraculous. Somehow a laser beam manages to reach out, bounce off a tree, rock or critter, and come back so range can be calculated. Nifty. Bushnell has taken […]

ATI’s New TactLite AR Stock Eliminates the Shake

The new ATI TactLite AR stocks. The standard model is on the left and adjustable comb model on the right.

You might have noticed that most adjustable butt stocks for AR-type rifles shake just a little. Worse yet, the farther you move that adjustable stock back, the more the shake. We’ve probably learned just to accept it, kind of like that “sproing” sound that many ARs used to make when fired. While the movement of […]

Two Handy Tools from SOG

SOG's new SwitchPlier 2.0 does it all - with one hand.

I got the full tour of new SOG tools and gear at an after hours event at SHOT Show, and there were a number of “I want that” products without a doubt. However, two items in particular jumped out at me as extra-special. First, the Switchplier 2.0 multi-tool provides new levels of overall handiness, and […]

Sig Sauer Brings a Bang and a Black Mamba Whisper

You can't buy happiness, but you can get a good dose shooting a suppressed Sig MCX in full auto.

The folks at Sig Sauer have been busy. I wasn’t present at the product planning meetings, but I might imagine the conference room debates along these lines: “Our new products need to be big and powerful. You know, loud and authoritative!” “We really need to focus on the softer side. You know, speak softly, but […]

Roy the Gun ‘Riter Goes All Mad Scientist with the Griplight

The Griplight replaces the entire grip on a J-Frame revolver.

You may have heard of a gun magazine called American Handgunner. It’s edited by some new whippersnapper ‘riter named Roy Huntington. It turns out that Editor Roy is not only a wordsmith, but a mad scientist inventor as well. That Frankenstein guy’s got nothin. Anyway, Roy’s been paying attention to the industry, and couldn’t help […]

Getting Started with Guns – A Beretta SHOT Show Webcast

Getting Started with Guns hosted by Beretta USA.

I had the distinct pleasure of participating with femme fatale Barbara Baird from Women’s Outdoor News in a roundtable webcast at SHOT Show. Hosted by the good folks at Beretta USA, we chatted about how to help new folks get started with shooting. We had a great time and topics covered included interpretive dance, shooting […]