Top 5 Niftiest Thing Seen at the NRA Annual Meeting Day 3

Final day of the NRA National Meeting checklist:

  1. Bottoms of feet on fire. Check.
  2. Knees swollen to the size of basketballs. Check.
  3. 3 days. 3 hours of sleep. 3 gallons of Mountain Dew. Check.

With that said, here are the top 5 niftiest things we saw on Day 3 of the NRA Annual Meeting 2012.


The American Dream was pervasive at the NRA Annual Meeting. Everywhere we looked we saw entrepreneurs and innovators showing their new wares. This photo is representative of the phenomenal interest that Looper Brand has generated with their new line of made-for-women-by-women holsters – The Pin-Up Collection. Getting an interview with husband and wife team Bart and Lisa was near impossible through the crowds. But don’t worry, we persevered.

IMG_2351 - Version 2

Interview with Team Glock member Tori Nanaka. We had a really great discussion with Tori and very proud dad Aaron. Don’t worry, even though Toris is a Junior, we asked her all sorts of goofy questions like we always do. Some of her answers even caught us off guard – and we’re highly paid professional smart-alecs. Smart lady that one… Stay tuned for the full interview.

IMG_2292 (1)

CorBon Rifle Action? Peter Pi – founder and CEO of CorBon Ammunition is a big game hunter and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Why not invent a new long cycle rifle action that uses a Pre-64 Model 70 style trigger? This one was sent to HP White Labs to see if they could blow it up. They couldn’t. It looked pristine to us.


Blackhawk Gear for the Ladies! We were invited to a luncheon briefing with the Blackhawk folks and got a close-up look at the new stuff – most notable of which was new pants, shirts, compression shorts, and under-gear made specifically for the ladies. Some is tactical, some is tough and functional everyday wear. Our X-Chromosome editors will be featuring this soon.

IMG_2325 (1)

Tactical Art from Technoframes – Yes, we’ve seen these before, but this one sporting a pair of 1911’s just caught our eye and we had to stop for a brief discussion about mixing guns and art with Jimmy Moreland, US Distribution Manager. We’re always amazed at the creative ideas people come up with. Technoframes makes some really, really cool stuff. Check them out. They will customize to your hearts content. We’re thinking about getting one made for our pristine 1936 Colt Woodsman Series 1. That should be displayed, not locked away in the safe.

Top 5 Most Interesting Products from the NRA Annual Meeting Day 2

We had more time to wander the floor today, and here are some of the more interesting things we stumbled across:


Crimson Trace Zombie Lasers – Well, not really, but they are green. A lot of new engineering is going on to fit power-sucking green lasers into the same form factors for which Crimson Trace is famous. We tried pre-product models for 1911 Lasergrips and a new model packed into the Lightguard frame. First out will be green lasers mounted inside Lightguard frames for all current guns where there is a compatible Lightguard.Later, we’ll see green in familiar grip form factors.
IMG_2349 Is it ethical to take gun bling manufacturers out for drinks and then, while they’re slugging down a Captain Morgan’s or Pinot Grigio, take a secret photo of a yet-to-be-released product and publish it on the internet? We think so. It’s good business right?The latest (forthcoming) creation from the folks at Hot Caliber is a man’s ring, hand fashioned from silver, that features a lost-wax casting of a bullet-shot-at-a-big-steel-plate. Yes, it’s elegant. And manly. People will ask about it, thereby giving the wearer a great excuse to talk about guns.What’s not to like?


We love our GunVault.It sits under the nightstand, gun and extra magazines inside, patiently awaiting the correct finger press sequence to open it in case of emergency. For example, if the cast of Jersey Shore and their one-night guests  come pounding on the door after a late night at Karma.The new SpeedVaultoffers classic GunVault features – either a biometric fingerprint scanner or 4 button touchpad – that secure your gun.The neat thing about this one is that it is designed to mount under a desk or table. The support bracket can be attached to the side or top of a piece of furniture.


We have a 22-250 fetish. It’s a fun round – both to reload and to shoot.Imagine our surprise and outright glee when we stumbled across the Olympic Arms booth and found the UMAR, an AR platform rifle chambered in– you guessed it – .22-250.It features a custom made magazine which is purpose built.And it’s just plain cool.

Why? Because we can.


Wow. We’ve been asleep at the wheel since we did not know this one was coming.Arriving at the Beretta booth for a scheduled meeting, we saw this hanging on the wall – the ARX-160 .22LR rifle.Not even on Beretta’s web siteyet, the ARX-160 is an operational equivalent to the forthcoming Beretta combat rifle.Not only does it look “beast” – it’s got fully ambidextrous operation all the way around – charging handle, mag release, and safety. It looks like a whole lot of fun – we can’t wait to shoot one.

Top 5 Coolest Things from NRA Annual Meeting Day 1

Even with a busy meeting and interview schedule, we managed to spot some pretty nifty things during day 1 of the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. So far, we’ve only covered about 30% of the exhibits, so look for more over the next two days.

Here are some of the standouts from Day 1:


Smith & Wesson M&P Shield – The much anticipated Shield is out and available for purchase. It’s a compact, yet comfortable little single stack pistol. It sports a brand new trigger design which is, well, fantastic.


Aimpoint Pro – Previously for LE and Military only, a civvie version is ready. 2 MOA red dot, flip up lens covers, a torque limiting rail mount and typical Aimpoint quality. We’ll be doing a full review shortly.

22 Large

Bore Tips and Swab Its – We first saw these at SHOT Show 2012, but they still make the NRA AM Day 1 cool list. Bore-Tips are foam based cleaning swabs get complete contact with the barrel – and they are washable for reuse. Swab Its are the 21st century equivalent of Q-Tips that don’t leave cottony junk in your gun. And they come in different sizes to do things like reach into those impossible spaces in AR chambers.


Handgun Hangers – From Store More Guns, these simple but amazingly useful hangers mount above and/or below safe shelfs to hang pistols by the barrel. This keeps your pistols organized on any size of shelf. And you can store magazines underneath. They also have some nifty solutions that allow storage or more rifles in the same amount of gun safe space.


Ruger 22/45 LITE Rimfire Pistol – This fun little .22LR pistol is shockingly light. No really, shockingly light. Oh, and phenomenally cool. The gold receiver and barrel shroud is tastefully colored and the contour cuts are just plain sporty. Look for this in different colors something in the future.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more cool things from the NRA Annual Convention. Stay tuned…

Coming Soon! Colt M2012 CR

Colt is showing a couple of prototypes of a very impressive bolt action rifle. The M2012 CR is a 13 pound, decked to the nines tactical and/or fun long range rifle.

The first versions should be out in a couple of months in .308. Short term plans include .223 and .22-250 chamberings – among others yet to be determined.

With 13 pounds of beef, this rifle should have virtually no recoil. Adjustable comb, 60 degree bolt, and a spiral-fluted barrel make it beastly looking and functional.

Estimated retail is about $3,700 give or take.

Can’t wait to shoot one…

New Smith & Wesson Shield – It’s Finger Candy

We’re here at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis fighting the crowds and shoppers – all 80,000 of them.

The folks at just arranged a private tour of some of the newest offerings from Smith & Wesson – the highlight of which was the new M&P Shield.

Initially offered in both 9mm and .40 Smith & Wesson, the shield is similar in appearance to it sibling M&P line. Polymer frame, comfortable grip contour and no-trigger-pull takedown.  While offered in two calibers, the Shield frames are the same in both offerings.

Where it differs, in addition to its slim and very concealable size, is the trigger. It’s a whole new design. Weighing in at 6.5 pounds, we found it to be exceptionally crisp with no detectable take-up and minimal overtravel. It feels a whole lot lighter than the measured 6.5 pounds. The other noticeable difference is in the trigger reset. While we weren’t able to measure the distance here on the show floor, we felt a crisp and distinct reset at what seemed to be about an eighth of an inch. The trigger on this gun is simply sporty. That’s one of our code words for “superlative.”

Also unlike the larger M&P models, the Shield does not feature an adjustable backstrap. Mainly because that would be kind of silly on a pocket sized gun. In our opinion anyway.

Another difference is the additional of a positive safety. It’s unobtrusive and machined to be embedded mostly into the slide so there is not much to catch. Smith & Wesson explained that this was added not so much for those who choose to carry in a belt holster, but to allow more flexibility for purse, pocket, and other types of carry methods.

The M&P Shield ships with two magazines – one with a flat base for maximum concealability and the other with an extension to allow better third finger grip.

This gun has a really great feel to it – we can’t wait to test one at the range.

Stay tuned!

Defensive Decolletage


The Looper Flash Bang Bra Holster

One of my more embarrassing moments at the NRA Annual Meeting was interviewing Lisa Looper of Looper Brand, makers of the new Flash Bang line of ‘naughty holsters.’ By the way, ‘naughty holsters’ is my description, not hers!

I’m a happily married guy, and here I am talking to Lisa, closely examining a mannequin of a woman’s breasts, complete with a pink brassiere. With hundreds of tough lookin’ NRA dudes staring at me. It got a lot more interesting when Lisa had to ask a group of women examining the new Flash Bang Bra Holster to step back so I could take some close up photos.

Things completely broke down for me when Lisa, who is very pregnant, asked me to see if I could spot the gun she was carrying. Ummm. Nope! I think that was the right answer, because I was not about to stare inappropriately trying to spot it! Lisa’s husband was working in the booth by the way. And he was probably carrying. I’m not entirely stupid you know.

The things I do for loyal My Gun Culture readers… I’m such a giver.

Looper Flash Bang Bra Holster

Split-Bottom Kydex Secures the Gun

Anyway, the basic idea, as shown by the included photos, is that an open-bottomed kydex mold is made for specific gun models like snubbie revolvers, Kel-Tec‘s, Ruger LCP‘s, Sig P238‘s and similar guns. The leather strap with a metal snap attaches the kydex assembly to your (or her) existing bra, and the whole mess kind of tucks up underneath the, umm, chest area. When the gun needs to be accessed, the user simply pulls downward on the grip and the gun snaps out of the kydex holster. Nifty. And quick. And sexy.

Those of you who are quick on the uptake will now understand the product line name: Flash… Bang! For those of you that scored less that 600 on the SAT’s, you lift up your blouse, flash your attacker, create a moment of shock and awe, then… bang!

If I had seen this before we published our Mothers Day Gift Guide, it certainly would have been included!

We’ll try one out soon and post a full review here. Actually ‘she’ will test it out. Although I am rapidly gaining weight, I do not yet have adequate man boobs to conceal my Glock 32 under the Flash Bang setup. Maybe after a few more pizzas.

Read about more carry styles and over 120 different gun holsters in The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters – available at! Learn more about our Insanely Practical Guides!

Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Zombie Hunters Unite At NRA Annual Meeting

Birchwood Casey Zombie Target

Birchwood Casey Zombie Target

One of the pleasures of attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh was the interesting people I met while there. With a crowd of over 71,000 I figured I was bound to meet other forward-thinking and wise folks who are busy preparing for the zombie apocalypse. The mysterious shiny-headed man behind New Jovian Thunderbolt is one of them. In addition to being the only person I have witnessed getting licked on the head by Top Shot Champ Iain Harrison, he’s a pretty funny guy. I ran across this while checking out one of the newest sites on My Gun Culture’s daily read list:

“The problem with quotes on the internet is it is difficult to verify their authenticity.”
– Abraham Lincoln

From: New Jovian Thunderbolt

Of High Plains Drifter Fame


This one was used to shoot our hero, Clint, in the bathtub. Moral of the story: don’t bathe with ladies of ill repute. They play dirty.

My New Carry Pistol


.45/70 from Super Six Classic.

Need to find a good IWB holster.


Brush With Fame

My brush with fame - Ted Nugent

My brush with fame - Ted Nugent

Rode the escalator with The Nuge

So the picture is pretty bad. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

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