Signs, Mom Counting to 3, and Caning by Celery at the NRA Annual Meeting


“Oh, signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs Blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?” While the 5 Man Electrical Band was nowhere to be found, the city of St. Louis took the message to heart – and even hired James Earl Jones to make new audio […]

Top 5 Niftiest Thing Seen at the NRA Annual Meeting Day 3


Final day of the NRA National Meeting checklist: Bottoms of feet on fire. Check. Knees swollen to the size of basketballs. Check. 3 days. 3 hours of sleep. 3 gallons of Mountain Dew. Check. With that said, here are the top 5 niftiest things we saw on Day 3 of the NRA Annual Meeting 2012. […]

Top 5 Most Interesting Products from the NRA Annual Meeting Day 2


We had more time to wander the floor today, and here are some of the more interesting things we stumbled across: Crimson Trace Zombie Lasers – Well, not really, but they are green. A lot of new engineering is going on to fit power-sucking green lasers into the same form factors for which Crimson Trace […]

Top 5 Coolest Things from NRA Annual Meeting Day 1


Even with a busy meeting and interview schedule, we managed to spot some pretty nifty things during day 1 of the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. So far, we’ve only covered about 30% of the exhibits, so look for more over the next two days. Here are some of the standouts from Day 1: […]

New Smith & Wesson Shield – It’s Finger Candy


We’re here at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis fighting the crowds and shoppers – all 80,000 of them. The folks at just arranged a private tour of some of the newest offerings from Smith & Wesson – the highlight of which was the new M&P Shield. Initially offered in both 9mm and […]

Defensive Decolletage


One of my more embarrassing moments at the NRA Annual Meeting was interviewing Lisa Looper of Looper Brand, makers of the new Flash Bang line of ‘naughty holsters.’ By the way, ‘naughty holsters’ is my description, not hers! I’m a happily married guy, and here I am talking to Lisa, closely examining a mannequin of […]