5 Reasons the 2015 Shooting Industry Masters Was the Cat’s Pajamas

Side matches, like this one sponsored by Buffalo Bill Center of the Wild West, raise serious dough for First Shots.

You might think a sockdolager with all the shooting industry Big Cheeses at some hotsy-totsy gin mill might lead to some Chicago typewriter trouble. Heck, some hard boiled heavy might have his torpedos pinch his biggest competitor and take him for a long ride. But no. While there was plenty of giggle water at a […]

Zoot Shooting a Thompson 1927A-1

A couple of modern day Tommy Guns from Auto Ordnance.

What’s more fun than shooting a new Thompson 1927A-1 “Deluxe Semi-Auto”? Not much. I had the chance to try one out at the 2015 Shooting Industry Masters. The folks from Kahr Arms, owners of Thompson gun-maker Auto Ordnance, sponsored a side match at the Masters event. Side matches are more like fun demonstrations than actual competitions. […]

The Rough ‘Riters Shoot for First Shots

Shooting Industry Masters

The Shooting Industry Masters is one of the premier events on our annual calendar. Yes, the FMG Publications produced party serious business is plenty of fun, but the real value is the event’s impact on the future growth of the shooting sports. Now in its 13th year, the Shooting Industry Masters is a competition without […]

Team Never Quit Launches Ammunition Line

Team Never Quit launches ammunition company.

Former SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell teams up to launch new ammo brand What do U.S. Navy SEALs do when they retire? It appears they keep doing what they learned during their active team days: strive to improve on what they did the day before. Retired SEAL Marcus Luttrell, known for his account of Operation Red […]

ASA Shoot Showcases New Silencers and Legislative Victories

Gemtech's The One suppressor covers almost all of the rifle bases.

Sometimes irony is the best medicine. My favorite example is how the aggressive efforts of the gun control lobby ended up achieving exactly the opposite result. Turn on the way back machine and set the dial for the 1980s and 90s decades. Back in the day, before shake weights, we faced some serious setbacks from […]

People of the NRA Annual Meeting

Elvis is risen! At the NRA Annual Meeting...

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the NRA Annual Meeting. The hate part is easy – it’s always a logistical nightmare. Hosted in cities that are completely unprepared for 75,000 instant hotel-stayers, hotel rape is rampant. If you can find a room downtown, it’ll cost ya north of $300 a night for a flea […]

New and Unusual Gear From the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting

Sig Sauer makes air guns? Why yes, they do.

One of my favorite NRA Annual Meeting activities is to dash through the trade show aisles at .0007 miles per hour (due to the crowds) and find new guns, gear, and accessory products. Many of them are announced via press releases and media emails as the show begins, but sometimes you stumble onto new things […]