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Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Snubnose Revolver Holster

Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Snubnose Revolver Holster

We recently reviewed the Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Holster for a Ruger LCR revolver and found it to be an excellent concealed carry solution for several reasons.

It’s discreet. The design causes the revolver to ride high relative to the belt line. This makes for easier concealment and reduces the need for a knee-length photographers vest.

It’s fast. The gun is held in place by shape and side pressure. To draw, simply rock the revolver forward. An elastic strap connected the two leather halves of the Speed Classic. The forward rock allows the gun to release above and out the top front side of the holster.

Retention is great. The leather fit, with additional pressure applied by the elastic strap makes your snubbie revolver stay where it’s supposed to.

It’s comfortable. The outside the waistband design and high ride keep the gun out of the way in sitting and standing positions.

Fast, secure, and discreet. This one is a great solution for snubnose revolver users.

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    I don’t understand why this is posted without new or additional information compared to your previous review, except perhaps for the revenue benefits by posting the link. Again.

    After reading your first review I decided to get the Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic holster and found it is no more concealable than my inexpensive Tagua pancake holster, which, incidentally, rides much closer to the body than the Blackhawk. The Speed Classic is a well-made holster, to be sure, and has superior retention, but the bottom rides an inch lower than the cheapo Tagua and the revolver grip sits much further away from my torso.

    It is up for sale for $30 if anyone is interested. Barely used.

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