Taxation (and everything else) without Representation

What's the difference between a pimp and a lobbyist

When we last tuned in, I was ranting about how our friends in Washington  are tightening his belt, “friends” who view our economic catastrophe as an academic exercise and who have no skin in the game, other than to get re-elected and stay on the ol’ government gravy train. Our system of elected representatives, three […]

Who’s Belt Is Getting Tightened?

Blackies Newport Beach: John Birch Society HQ 1960s

For many years, more than most of you have been alive; I have been a die-hard conservative.  The Tea Party is nouveau riche – my credentials are Orange County, California in the 60’s – Beach Blanket Bingo, Surfing, The Beach Boys, and, omygod, Gidget.  At sundown, it was $1.49 gallons of Rose’ (Mateus on payday) […]

My Trophy Wife: LC Smith

Trophy Wife

As a kid in Los Angeles, my exposure to guns was pretty specialized – ever hear of a Zip Gun?  Now, ex-altar boy that I am, we only made them for fun, like shooting at lizards (shooting at is intentional phrasing; never hit one), but I’m really lucky to have all my fingers and both […]