Advanced Mil-Dot: Estimating Distance Using Your Scope

Using a mil-dot scope to figure out how far away an object is requires only a little simple math.

Recently we introduced the whole concept of the mil-dot (or milliradian) system for rifle scopes in Mil-Dot Made Easy. In that article, we got into the practical application of how mil-dot scopes can be used to figure out how to aim at a distant target. With simple math, you can figure out how much adjustment […]

Grip and Grin

Wicked’s Black Lace grips for the Beretta 92 are one of their hot sellers. This is what combining fashion and grip design is all about.

I think there’s been a huge misunderstanding about the whole “pink gun” controversy. Certainly, plenty of Neanderthals have mistakenly assumed pink guns equate to guns for women. Even manufacturers and retailers have mistakenly made this type of generalization. I have a different point of view. I am all in favor of pink guns. I’m also […]

The Rough ‘Riters Shoot for First Shots

Shooting Industry Masters

The Shooting Industry Masters is one of the premier events on our annual calendar. Yes, the FMG Publications produced party serious business is plenty of fun, but the real value is the event’s impact on the future growth of the shooting sports. Now in its 13th year, the Shooting Industry Masters is a competition without […]

Gun Free Zones a.k.a. Self Defense Prohibited Zones

Self-Defense Prohibited Zone-1

  If you’re reading this, odds are about the same as Evander Holyfield whoopin’ Mitt Romney in the ring that you already know Gun Free Zones suck. Seriously, how much thought does it take to realize that people intent on doing harm could give a rat’s @ss about a flag in the ground claiming a […]

Storied Guns: The Sig Sauer P226

Not just 9mm, the P226 line also includes .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .22LR models.

“In 1853, Friedrich Peyer im Hof, Heinrich Moser and Conrad Neher began what they thought would become a successful wagon factory above the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. Little did they know then, that their company would become one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of small arms.” Sig Sauer Corporate History I’m not sure if […]

Seven Things You Need to Clean A Gun

This Outers brass cleaning rod is softer than the steel of your bore and comes in segments, so you can adjust the length for longer or shorter barrels.

While cleaning a gun is a fairly simple chore, it really helps to use the right equipment. Improper tools and solutions can make the job harder and even cause damage to your valuable firearm. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to clean a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. 1. A Cleaning Rod The most […]

Gear Test: Electronic Hearing Protection

The Etymotic GunSport Pro electronic earplugs provide most of the benefits of those bulky exterior electronic muffs, but they fit entirely inside your ear.

“What? Did you say something?” Sound familiar? If you go to gun ranges, you may know this scenario all too well. I’m a big fan of electronic hearing protection. The passive kinds, like foam plugs and exterior earmuffs, are perfectly safe and do a great job, but the electronic versions offer other benefits. With electronic […]

Long Range Made Easy with Nikon’s ProStaff 5 Custom XR

This custom Nikon ProStaff XR Turret is set for 350 yards using my personal .257 Weatherby Magnum hand load. I haven't yet adjusted the parallax for the correct yardage.

Making long-range shots is part math, part skill, and part VooDoo. The math part is very predictable, and only somewhat complicated, thanks to the advent of ballistic software you can get online, in devices like Kestrel Weather Meters, and on smartphones. The software does the hard work and negates the need for you to whip […]

Concealed Carry Myths: That Caliber Has Too Much Recoil!

Most of us have a love / hate relationship with recoil.

“I like my .380 because it hardly kicks.” “I hate my .380 compact because it kicks like an ill-tempered donkey.” “I don’t want a .40 S&W because the recoil is too much for me.” “My .40 S&W is the softest shooting gun; I love it!” “9mm is the way to go because the recoil is […]

PolyCase Ammo: A Shot From The Future

PolyCase ARX ammo.

You might get a hint about what exactly PolyCase Ammunition is all about from its name, specifically the “poly” part. It refers to the company’s new method of manufacturing projectiles. Not only does their technique shatter constraints of traditional manufacturing technology, it opens up entirely new possibilities. I recently toured the PolyCase Ammunition factory outside […]