Ammo Test: Remington Ultimate Defense 9mm 124 Grain Full Size Handgun

Expansion results were impressive, to say the least.

Remington has a (relatively) new line of self-defense ammo on the shelves called Ultimate Defense. You might recognize the projectile design as similar to the famous performer, Golden Saber. I’ve tested those before in a number of different calibers and results are almost always outstanding. I’ve been carrying the .45 ACP 185 grain +P Golden […]

Handgun Skills: The Living Room Drill

This is the Next Level Training SIRT Practice Pistol. The red slide clearly indicates that it’s not a real gun.

The very best way to improve your shooting is to not go shooting. That’s right. Stay home. Do not go to the range. Do not pass Go and do not spend $200 on ammo. Yet. Here’s why. Of all the things required to make an accurate shot—sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press and follow through—trigger […]

Gun Review: The FN-15 DMR Designated Marksman Rifle

The FN-15 DMR comes out of the box with a variety of features for longer range accurate shooting, like an 18-inch barrel.

Recently I got my hot little hands on one of the new FN America rifles for 2015. This one is the FN-15 DMR or Designated Marksman Rifle. It’s designed to shoot accurately. More specifically, it’s designed to shoot longer and heavier projectiles accurately. Does it? Let’s find out. What makes a DMR a DMR? If […]

Ammo Test: Barnes TAC-XP .45 ACP +P

As you can see, expansion was picture perfect, even when fired through four layers of fabric.

Barnes has offered pretty amazing projectiles to other ammunition manufacturers and reloaders for some time. More recently, they’ve launched their own line of loaded self-defense handgun ammunition. Available in .380 ACP, 9mm +P, .40 S&W, .45 ACP +P and .357 Magnum, we’re going to be trying out most of them over the next couple of […]

12 Competitors To Watch at the 2015 NRA Bianchi Cup

The Bianchi Cup draws the best pistol shooters in the world. Seen here is top women's division competitor Molly Smith.

We’re right around the corner of what is arguably the most prestigious event in shooting. From May 20-23, 2015, the best action pistol shooters from all over the world will converge at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Columbia, Missouri to shoot it out at the NRA Bianchi Cup. Sponsored by Midway USA, the Bianchi […]

Why I Don’t Use the Slide Release Lever

Do you use that handy lever on the side or your support hand to snap the slide back and release it?

Have you ever noticed that when two people sit behind a desk on TV after 8pm, they can’t even seem to agree on anything, like whether or not Howard Stern has bad breath? Top shooting instructors have the same issue, although I don’t think they spend much time discussing Howard’s oral hygiene. Far too often, […]

An Interview With Top Shot, and Top Chef, Chris Cheng

Pro shooter and Top Chef Chris Cheng

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know competitive shooter and chef Chris Cheng. You might remember him from his Top Shot Season Four victory. If you read on, you’ll also learn that he won the annual Professional Outdoor Media Association’s Top Chef title. He’s just an all-around […]

Concealed Carry: Find the Method That’s Best for You

Galco's Kingtuk is supremely elegant and the attention to detail is evident.

Several years ago I was carrying a Glock 32 in one of those spandex undershirts that has a gun pocket. While bending over to pick up something off the ground, the spandex material and the polymer of the gun frame combined to create what seemed to be an anti-gravity effect, like a high-speed train speeding […]

Ammo Test: DoubleTap 9mm 77-grain Lead-free for Compact Handguns

This ammo is designed specifically for the new breed of compact 9mm handguns.

Do you suffer from a short barrel? Unfortunately, this problem afflicts millions of gun totin’ Americans. With the explosive growth of pocket .380 ACP pistols like the Kel-Tec, Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and Glock 42, just to name a few, gun makers just had to up the power level as their next move. […]