Pistol Test: The Perfect Carry 1911

The rounded butt of the SW1911 Sc helps with concealment and shooting comfort.

I like carrying a Model 1911 pistol, but I’m not one of those guys who say silly things like: “I carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46.” Sure, .45 ACP is a great caliber. For over 100 years, it’s done an admirable job. But I don’t carry a 1911 because of the default […]

Is Self-Defense Homicide?

Under what legal circumstances can you pull the trigger in self-defense?

If you kill someone in self-defense, are you guilty of homicide? Well, yes, technically speaking, but we’ll get into that more in a minute. You know as well as I do that lawyers get paid by the page, so any discussion of the legal issues surrounding a self-defense incident could break the internet. We just […]

Build an AR: Choosing the Right Butt Stock


  When it comes to choosing the right buttstock, we’ve got good news and less good news. The good news is that there are hundreds from which to choose. The less good news is that figuring out which type will work on your rifle is just a little bit complicated. No worries, we’ll start this […]

Seven Gun Lessons From the Movies and TV

Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun series.

For all the gun-related gaffes and myths Hollywood portrays in TV and movies, they can actually teach us a valuable lesson once in a blue moon. These are seven of my favorite “lessons” from Tinseltown and the films in which they appeared. Lesson 1: Use proper technique to manage recoil Example: Men in Black (1997) […]

The 2015 World Long Range Shooting Championships

Lining up on a distant target. Photo courtesy of the National Rifle Association.

Many shooters have heard the words “Camp Perry” spoken with a sense of awe and reverence. After all, Camp Perry, Ohio is where all the serious competitive rifle and pistol shooters gather for best of the best bragging rights. I’m not talking action competitions like USPSA Action Pistol or 3-Gun. I’m talking about classic marksmanship […]

Straight From the Horses Mouth: Hodgdon Reloading Data

Hodgdon Reloading Center

I think learning to reload your own ammunition is kind of like learning to play the Ukelele. If by chance you make an impetuous mid-life decision to follow in the footsteps of the great Don Ho, then you can’t just order sheet music and start. You need to find a way to learn the process […]

A Simple Trigger Pull (Press): More Than Meets the Eye

It looks so simple, doesn't it? Read on to find out why it's not. Timney Drop-in R-15 Triggers, image courtesy of Brownells.com.

Trigger (noun) – a small projecting tongue in a firearm that, when pressed by the finger, actuates the mechanism that discharges the weapon. Pulling, or more accurately, pressing, a trigger sounds like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? Yank that thing backward and you can’t help but hit whatever you were aiming at, right? If […]

How To Choose the Perfect Optic for Your AR-15

The Aimpoint PRO is an excellent general purpose optic for the AR.

The answer to choosing the perfect optic for your AR-15 is easy. It depends. I’m not being bratty, hear me out. The beauty of the AR rifle platform is the near-infinite number of applications. It can be quite adept at the following, just to name a few, uses. Deer hunting Home defense Competition Plinking Close […]

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson SW1911 Pro Series Compact

A mouse gun? I don't think so...

I have this near irresistible urge to make a wisecrack about the mouse that roared, but I’d be hard pressed to call a compact .45 ACP handgun a “mouse” gun. In fact, this little 1911 is even a tad smaller than the original Colt Officers model released back in 1985. That one included a 3.5-inch […]

Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) Restrictions Suck!

Is this legal? Yes. Well, sort of. It depends on how you hold it. But that's subject to change at any given time.

Have you ever noticed that laws are generally about what you can’t do, instead of what you can? This makes a lot of sense, as it would be silly to try to enumerate all the things you’re allowed to do, like dye your hair blue or put garden gnomes in your front yard. On the […]