Announcement on whether 2010 is Bush’s fault delayed

President George W Bush

President George W Bush

White House spokesperson Charlie Gibbs announced today that a decision on whether 2010 is former President George W. Bush’s fault will be delayed, most likely until the end of the coming year.

“The President will be requesting weekly reports from top administration advisers to determine whether 2010 represents a ‘systemic failure’ or not. While we’re pretty sure that 2010 will be blamed on former President Bush, we need to get all the evidence.” stated Gibbs. “Who knows, 2010 could be the start of a major economic recovery and we certainly would not want to place blame for that.”

In a written statement about the matter, President Obama indicated that, while he does not have all the facts, it appeared that the previous administration ‘acted stupidly’ regarding 2010. In the same statement, the President indicated that comments from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claiming that the 2010 system was ‘going to work flawlessly’ may have been premature.

“We’ve inherited unprecedented problems that may result in not only 2010, but 2011 and 2012 being blamed on former President Bush” stated Obama.

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