Breaking News: ATF Head Ken Melson Signs ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Contract

ATF Interim Director Melson Showing Off Some Smooth Tap Dance Moves

According to breaking news reports from David Codrea at Gun Rights Examiner, ATF Interim Head Ken Melson’s office was vacated over the weekend amid rumors of Melson’s reassignment from his ATF role as a result of the recent Operation Fast and Furious scandal. Further investigation has revealed that Melson has signed a one year contract […]

ATFs New Image – BATFE Changes Name & Logo

ATF / BATFE new logo

In an apparent effort to address its faltering public image head on, the agency formerly known as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is changing its name. Constantly fighting public perception that the agency is hiding its true mission with ambiguous smoke and mirror tactics, BATFE is making a bold move to […]

Special Advertorial: Holder & Holder Legal Services

Holder and Holder Legal Services

Our regularly scheduled editorial will not be seen today so we can bring you this special advertising supplement. The views expressed in this advertorial do not necessarily represent the opinions of Eric Holder, the US Attorney Generals Office, the Justice Department, The National Rifle Association, or Vladimir Putin.  

ATF Fast & Furious Agents to be Honored on US Currency

ATF Agent William Newell $100 bill

In a bold move today, the Treasury Department announced plans to honor ATF Operation Fast and Furious ringleaders on new US currency. Promoted to Special Assistant to the Assistant Director of the agency’s Office of Management for his pivotal role in enabling the murder of at least one US Government agent and hundreds of Mexican […] – Judging the .410 Handgun

hCharter Arms El Presidente 40mm Grenade

Ever-vigilant in our efforts to bring you the latest shooting industry scoop, we recently crashed the POMA Annual Conference in Ogden, UT. In addition to learning that POMA is a front for a top-secret Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Society, we met some interesting folks with new ideas. One of those was Gil Horman, frequent contributor to […]