Going out with a bang!

Launch Your Dead Relatives!

Holy Smoke! Dead relatives filling up your house? Cremation Urns taking up precious counter space? No problem! Just launch ’em out of your rifle, pistol, or shotgun! Holy Smoke LLC will create custom loaded pistol, rifle, or shotgun ammunition packed with a little something extra – ashes of your loved ones. For example, just send […]

Gunfire Erupts In South Carolina From Youth Gang Related Activity

Scholastic Steel Challenge Gang Activity

Gunfire erupted in a Summerville, SC rural community over the weekend as a gang of teenagers, including some pre-teens according to witnesses, literally sprayed hundreds of bullets over a three hour period. According to some estimates, over 1,400 shots were fired before the shooting spree ended just before 1pm eastern time. Witnesses claim the hoodlums […]

In honor of Rat Catcher Day…

Happy Rat Catcher Day!

Dang it. We missed National Rat Catcher Day. Again. Although 2 days late, we’re still going to re-post our favorite rat catching stories in honor of the event. The Happening Escalation to War The Importance of Proper Uniform Sneaky Ninja Stuff Trench Warfare Is Waterboarding Rodents Moral?