Legislative Institute Against Redneck Shooters (LIARS)

Wrestling with Pigs is Muddy

Never wrestle with pigs. You both get muddy, and the pig kind of likes it. But, there’s an exception to every rule, and this weeks exception relates to combating the American Hunters and Shooters Association. As we write about on AmmoLand.com this week, this group is the shammiest of shammy-sham-sham organizations. Their name and mission […]

Who is Amos Humiston? Find out on the History Channel – Monday May 30th

70 Year Old Fighter - John Burns

We love stories. When The History Channel contacted us recently about a new film airing Memorial Day weekend, we had to know more. Gettysburg, produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, who collectively own approximately 63% of Hollywood from successful previous ventures including Top Gun, Gladiator, American Gangster, and Black Hawk Down to name a few, is […]

Shoot Like A Girl! I Dare You!

Team Glock - Randi Rogers

Girls are taking over the shooting sports… And that’s a great thing. This year especially has been remarkable in the sheer number of shooting companies, products, events, activities, and perspectives geared towards women. What’s most impressive though, is that most of this activity has been initiated not just for women, but by women. Today’s case in […]

Gun Word of the Day: Rack

Gun Word Of The Day

Rack [rak] – verb 1. To cycle the slide of a semi-automatic gun. Usually refers to the procedure of operating a handgun where complete cycling of the slide ejects an empty cartridge case (if present) from the chamber, while moving a new cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. This action basically clears the chamber […]

What $20 Will Buy You…


In this harsh and unforgiving economy, it’s more important than ever to watch the pennies. As a public service, we’ve decided to offer some ideas on what 20 bucks can get you. (2) Tickets to see a movie. Like Black Swan – A Tactical Ballet Story (83) rounds of Winchester White Box 9mm ammo from […]