Jesus Ain’t Gonna Load Your Gun!

Rangemaster Defensive Pistol Class

Rangemaster Defensive Pistol Class

So went part of our instruction at the Defensive Handgun training class taught by Rangemaster this past weekend at the LuckyGunner Gun Blogger Shoot.

The folks at, Sellier & Bellot, MagTech, and Rangemaster partnered to host a shooting event of epic proportions. 50 or so infamous gun bloggers were invited to a top secret range for a weekend of shooting free ammunition, testing a wide variety of fully automatic weapons, and participating in an abbreviated defensive handgun class.

Tom Givens taught most of the class with assistance from his wife (and Rangemaster instructor) and a few others of the Rangemaster staff. While handling a class of 28 gun bloggers was an exercise in herding cats, especially since I was not the only one with a short attention span, the Rangemaster staff succeeded in teaching us some solid foundational principles about safe gun handling, gun manipulation under stress, dudes that need to be shot and how to avoid harm from them.

Tom is the only instructor I’ve met that has managed to make discussion of the 4 rules of gun safety both informative and funny.

I went into the class figuring that I learn something new every day so I might as well learn something new about handguns as a defensive tool. While not everything was new, the class gave me a number of things to think about.

  • Don’t look in the fiery death end of your gun. While SayUncle beat me to the punch on posting this, it stuck in my mind as a pretty good learning to share – again.
  • Store your trigger finger so that it’s in the ejection port (if you can easily reach) as it provides a tactile reminder that your finger is not on the bang switch.
  • When discussing the debate over whether to finger check a chamber to verify that’s it’s clear (in addition to visual checking) the question was posed – why would you ever want to clear a chamber in the dark?
  • Hold your semi-auto pistol with both thumbs high and pointed upwards rather than at the target. Because it helps ensure that your grip is as high as possible while minimizing potential interference with the slide lock.
  • A rifle is easier to shoot than a pistol primarily because the weight of the gun is more than the weight of the trigger pull (attributed to Larry Vickers)
  • About follow through and recovery after a shot: what you really need is another hit on dude.
  • You keep shooting until one of two things happens: the bad guy falls down or runs away.
  • It takes two sight pictures to fire one successful shot. One to aim and one for the follow through.
  • A partial gangsta grip can be beneficial in some situations. When shooting one handed, tilting the gun inwards about 45 degrees can help control muzzle flip – if you can deal with the weird sight picture.

Those are just a few of the more fun and interesting tidbits I picked up in the class. All in all, I love the style and quality of training and am anxious to sign my family up for the full two day course.

Now back to Jesus

During a passionate discussion about the importance of reloading your gun during any perceived lull in the action, Tom warned against being caught in the middle of a fight with an empty gun, with the natural result of thinking “Oh, Jesus!” While He may choose to intervene in other ways, He’s probably not going to load your gun, so you might as well.

Lemon Grenades

Lemon Grenades:


(Via Site Feed.)

Updated: Car for Sale – Priced to Sell!

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

For sale and priced to sell! One slightly used car. Make and model not exactly distinguishable. Good condition. It has had a minor altercation with 4 Civil War cannons, a German PAK 38 field artillery piece, and several dozen machine guns. Also had a minor fender bender with a Stuart tank.

Damage is mostly cosmetic and should clear right up with a little buffing compound.

Price is negotiable. Call soon as this baby will fly off the lot!



Update: There was a minor incident with the car today when it exploded and caught on fire. We’re thinking of reducing the price just a tad to compensate. Of course we’ll include any melted parts…

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Where the magic happens…

There’s been a flurry of posts from other gun bloggers in response to an inquiry launched by Romeo Tango Bravo and my mysterious web buddy at GunMart. And no, it’s not a bro-mance. We’re just friends, although we’ve never met.

The basic question was, “where do you do your gun blogging from and what environment drives all those creative and radical posts?

Some of the other bloggers office environments that I’ve seen include:

I’ve stayed out of this contest mainly because I didn’t want to stir up a lot of envy among the Gun Blogger community. You see, I like to live the moment when I’m writing, so I do most of my work from my M16 Half Track. It’s open and spacious, and has plenty of guns.

My Gun Blogging Office

My Gun Blogging Office

Sometimes though, I get the writers block thing and have to move to my alternate digs. Usually I like to stand in the turret of my Sherman tank. It makes me feel invincible in my writing.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

I would like to thank my new buddy David from the Historical Cadet Corps for lending me office space. David is my new best friend mainly cause he’s a nice guy (of course), but also because he has an M16 Half Track for us to play with.

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy! blogger shoot

We’re here!




Holster Review: Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster

The Good
Does most of the things a pocket holster should do: protects the trigger, hides the outline of your gun, keeps pocket junk out of the action, and generally stays in the pocket when you draw.
The Bad
The material is too soft. With a magazine heavy semi-automatic, it tends to bend and rotate in your pocket.
The Ugly
It can be really difficult to draw when your gun, and the holster, have both turned upside down.
Our Rating
3 Nuns One Nun.


Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster

The Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster

Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster

Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

We wanted to like this pocket holster. It’s soft and squishy, feels great, and is really comfortable in the pocket.

But we didn’t. Like it, that is.

The Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster takes a universal approach to size and fit. It’s offered in four different sizes as follows:

18744-1Small autos (.22 – .25 cal.)

28744-2Most .380s

38744-32″ 5-shot revolvers; Sigma .380

48744-4Most sub-compact 9mm/.40 autos

So there is no custom fitting for a particular gun. You take your best guess at the right size and go from there.

The material is fairly thick and has a rubbery-suede feel. Is that even a valid description? We’re not sure, but that’s what it feels like. It’s an open top, sealed bottom design and there is a band of non-slip material at about the half-way mark to help the holster remain in your pocket when you draw.

On the plus side…

  • The material is sturdy enough that we’re confident the trigger is protected
  • The bottom (on our model for mid size semi-auto’s like the Walther PPK) is sealed and does a perfectly acceptable job of keeping pocket lint and leftover Tater-Tots out of the action of the gun. And no, we really don’t keep Tater-Tots in the same pocket as our gun! We store them in our other pocket of course! Duh.
  • It’s comfortable. The gun is protected and it feels good in the pocket.
  • We had no issues with sweat, or spilled Coke, penetrating the holster material. So hit all the drive-thrus you want – no problem.

On the not-so-plus side:

  • This holster, like other Uncle Mike’s models, has very little structure. You wouldn’t think that’s a big requirement for a pocket holster, but when it folds from the weight of the gun, you can have trouble with the whole rig rotating in your pocket. We did most of our testing with a Walther PPK, which, as a steel gun, has some weight to it. Add a full magazine and you have a strong tendency for the grip end to want to follow that gravity rule and find its way to the bottom of your pocket. Not good. In fairness, this problem would not be as severe with a polymer gun like the Kel-Tec or Ruger LCP.

So all in all, we would elect to pass on this one and spend a few more bucks on something a little more substantial. In our next pocket holster review, we’ll be taking a close look at the DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster.

He said She said
The instability issue really caused me to fear for my manhood. I found that with normal day-to-day activity, in a variety of pocket styles, the holster had a tendency to rotate so my gun was pointed right at, well, my gun. I tried it in my purse and didn’t have great success. The non-slip band was not tacky enough to keep the holster in the purse pocket when I tried to draw. I do realize the holster was not designed for this use, but wanted to offer up the feedback to my lady friends out there.

Read about more carry styles and over 120 different gun holsters in The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters – available at! Learn more about our Insanely Practical Guides!

Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Fantasy Guns: One can dream…


Experience the awesomeness!

I’m not quite sure what it is, or what it does, but I can smell pure awesomeness through my computer.

Check out Fantasy Props for more guns, knives, and other weapons of fantastical destruction.

Hit or Miss? Vote and Win!

Win These BSA Optics Adjustable Steel Scope Rings

Win These BSA Optics Adjustable Steel Scope Rings

Sometime on Saturday, at the Blogger Shoot, I’ve got one shot to hit an old minivan with a Napoleonic field howitzer. This field artillery piece launches a 12 pound cannonball up to a mile. While I don’t know the exact range we’ll be firing from, let’s assume 1/2 mile for discussions sake.

Now to the free stuff contest. I’ve got a brand new set of BSA Adjustable Height Scope Ring Mounts to put on the line. If you want to win them, vote ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’ in the comments on this post. I’ll randomly pull the winner from the group who calls it right.

Hint: I don’t plan on missing. But…

Pre-emptive taunting is allowed as long as its clean. Taunting a second time is also permitted.

Just to be really clear. We’ll be shooting at this:

With this:

Don’t worry, our intent is to post full video coverage of this event after the contest ends.

The rules: We’ll review the votes in the correct Hit or Miss category Monday night, May 30, 2011. If your vote ain’t in by then, you ain’t winnin’. All judges decisions are final. No cheating or other nefarious shenanigans.

Assault Paper (Gun)

Assault Paper Gun

Assault Paper Gun

From comes the paper AK-47 kit. According to Hunting Lodge, designer Martin Postler has “freed the AK-47 from its terrible capacity to injure and kill by deconstructing it into a paper model construction set.”

We’re still trying to figure out if it took more than 10 pages to make this, thereby rendering it illegal in Kalifornia. Those in gun-rights challenged states can always opt for the Ruger Light Origami Pistol (LOP)


Cornucopia of Free Stuff!

Free Stuff from The History Channel!

Free Stuff from The History Channel!

We mentioned the Memorial Day Premier of Gettysburg on The History Channel the other day. Looks like a great documentary and we’ll be watching for sure.

Thanks to the good folks at The History Channel, we’ve got some free History Channel stuff to give away! Messenger bags, t-shirts, and notebooks.

To win yours, just Like us on Facebook, write on our wall, and tell us if you’ll be watching Gettysburg Monday at 9pm Eastern!

Easy peasy.

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