Brush With Fame

My brush with fame - Ted Nugent

My brush with fame - Ted Nugent

Rode the escalator with The Nuge

So the picture is pretty bad. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

S&W 500


By master engraver Larry Parker

NRA Meeting Sparks Massive Anti-Gun Protest March

Anti-Gun Protest Outside Lawrence Convention Center NRA Annual Meeting

Anti-Gun Protest Outside Lawrence Convention Center NRA Annual Meeting

Following reports all week of an organized march and demonstration outside of the Annual NRA Meeting in downtown Pittsburgh, a large crowd gathered outside to protest the National Rifle Association.

Gun Show Demonstration

Local Gun Show Demonstration

The crowd, estimated at, well, none, appeared well behaved and there were no reports of violence as of this writing. Police were on hand in strength to prevent any potential escalation.

A related demonstration drew an even larger crowd where organizers were advertising a local gun and knife show, hoping to draw additional attendees from the gun-friendly crowd at the NRA meeting.

Browning M2


The perfect Mothers Day gift for home perimeter defense! M2 water cooled configuration in an anti-aircraft mount.

The Liberator Is Reborn


From Vintage Ordnance Company.

Colt Woodsman Collection


These are just the Series 1’s in the amazing Woodsman collection in the Ohio Gun Collectors Association booth. Very nice.

Circular Gun Vault


Bartel Armory Vault 360 – interior rotates to bring what you want right to the door. No more bangs and nicks getting a rifle out of the back! Entire unit rotates and locks in place to hide the door and lock.

Although tempting sometimes, not designed to house small children.

Pittsburgh Shrugs

Having only recently read Atlas Shrugged (yeah I know – a little late) I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons to the fine City of Pittsburgh and its relative lack of preparation for the influx of 70,000 very polite, but patient only-to-a-point NRA convention folks.

Let’s just say, that in the 2 hours and 45 minutes it took me to drive the 12 miles from my hotel to the convention center, I saw the following:

  • 0 police officers directing traffic
  • 1 sign indicating directions to convention center parking
  • 2 very lackadaisical dudes collecting money for the 10,000 cars trying to park in the convention center lots
  • 912 random red lights not in any way, shape or form configured to deal with a large influx of traffic

Wow. After the steel industry crashed one would think the city would have some motivation to attract convention business. Maybe. Or maybe not. They’ve only had years to prepare.

To quote Bill O’Reilly: “Pinheads.”

Hmmm. Very Interesting Release From Sig Sauer

Sig M400 AR

Sig M400 AR

Wow – a very interesting turn of events. One of the big announcements from Sig Sauer at this years NRA Annual Meeting is the launch of a new AR platform rifle – the Sig M400.

Known for taking the AR platform to the next level with gas rod operation in their 556 and 516 series, the M400 bucks the trend by reverting to a direct impingement operation – like most other AR platform rifles.

The move makes sense though, as the M400 is targeted at the Law Enforcement market. With parts interchangeability with existing AR rifles, departments can buy the Sig brand and reliability without wasting existing parts inventories and maintenance knowledge. An added benefit – the M400 should have a street price of about $800.

Things that make you go hmmmm.


Case Hardening for the New Millenium

Sig P239 Case Hardening?

Sig P239 Case Hardening?

We saw this Sig P238 today at the NRA Annual Meeting. Clearly Sig has taken traditional case hardening methods to the next level. Either that or gone into the bling market…

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