NRA Meeting Sparks Massive Anti-Gun Protest March

Anti-Gun Protest Outside Lawrence Convention Center NRA Annual Meeting

Following reports all week of an organized march and demonstration outside of the Annual NRA Meeting in downtown Pittsburgh, a large crowd gathered outside to protest the National Rifle Association. The crowd, estimated at, well, none, appeared well behaved and there were no reports of violence as of this writing. Police were on hand in […]

Circular Gun Vault


Bartel Armory Vault 360 – interior rotates to bring what you want right to the door. No more bangs and nicks getting a rifle out of the back! Entire unit rotates and locks in place to hide the door and lock. Although tempting sometimes, not designed to house small children.

Pittsburgh Shrugs

Having only recently read Atlas Shrugged (yeah I know – a little late) I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons to the fine City of Pittsburgh and its relative lack of preparation for the influx of 70,000 very polite, but patient only-to-a-point NRA convention folks. Let’s just say, that in the 2 hours and 45 […]