Gun Review: Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Revolver

Roy Rogers

The Good This is too much fun to be legal. Great for first time shooters! The Bad Upsets the neighbors when I shoot hundreds of Super Colibri’s in my garage. Upsets rats also. The Ugly I have spontaneous and uncontrollable urges to sing Roy Rogers songs like Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo Our Rating Four Nuns! Ruger New […]

Gunfire In Hollywood: Charlie Sheen Resists Goddesses’ Restraining Order

Actor Charlie Sheen Defends The Goddesses

Automatic gunfire erupted from the residence of actor Charlie Sheen late last night when a gang of alleged womanizers arrived at the stars’ home to take custody of “The Goddesses.” Eyewitnesses indicate that Sheen was armed with a Saco M60 E3 Shorty belt-fed weapon. Fortunately no one was hurt as Sheen apparently obtained a blank […]