Drop the burrito price, now!

The breakdown of civilization has started with a burrito dispute…

Taco rage: Man upset at burrito price rise fires shots | Reuters

OK, so I am easily amused by all things Zombie…

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Zombie Outbreak Infographic:



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Zombies Spotted In South Carolina

Uh-oh. My home state…


Super Moon Causes Super Werewolves Panic

New Moon Werewolves

Super Moon Means Super Werewolves

Shelves of specialty ammunition retailers were bare today in anticipation of tonight’s “Super Moon” event. March 19, 2011 marks an event that occurs only once every twenty years when the moon passes over 30,000 miles closer to the earth than usual. And that has some people hot and bothered.

“Super moons only mean one thing – and that’s Super Werewolves” swooned high school student and werewolf aficionado Bella Swan. “You ought to see Jacob when this happens. His 6 pack turns into a case – it’s awesome if you’re into hot abs like I am.”

Silver bullet ammunition remains in short supply. “We’ve had a run on all of our Silver-jacketed ammunition” observed Mike McNett, Owner of Doubletap Ammunition. “Especially the .44 Magnum semi-wadcutter loads. They’re the most effective on wild lycanthropes you know.”

Gun Review: Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Revolver

The Good
This is too much fun to be legal. Great for first time shooters!
The Bad
Upsets the neighbors when I shoot hundreds of Super Colibri’s in my garage. Upsets rats also.
The Ugly
I have spontaneous and uncontrollable urges to sing Roy Rogers songs like Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo
Our Rating
3 Nuns Four Nuns!
Ruger New Model Single Six Revolver Convertible

Ruger New Model Single Six Revolver Convertible

Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Single Action Revolver

MSRP: $619.00


Yippee ki yay! Get ready for some cowboy fun! While not an authentic cowboy six shooter in the truest sense (Clint Eastwood didn’t use one in ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’), the Ruger Single-Six brings back memories of dime store hats, cap guns, and backyard bad guys. Of all the guns in our modest sized collection, the Ruger Single-Six takes the top prize for most fun. And that’s saying something as it edges out the M1 Carbine, Winchester 9410 .410 lever action shotgun, and Series 1 Colt Woodsman in the “more fun than shooting 12oz cans of Tab” contest.

A single action revolver, with interchangeable cylinders for .22 long rifle and .22 Magnum, the Single-Six is a versatile handgun. The two included cylinders are easy to tell apart as the .22LR one is fluted while the .22 Magnum cylinder is not. While probably not necessary structurally, think “light” for long rifle and “big and heavy” for magnums. Swapping them out is a snap – just press the base pin latch and remove the base pin. The cylinder drops our for replacement or cleaning. One of the things we immediately noticed was that .22 LRs and .22 Magnum’s shot to the same point of aim at reasonable distances, ie 50 yards and less. Or, you might say, the gun shoots in the same “minute of My Gun Culture” cone regardless of which cylinder you’re using.

Roy Rogers

The Ruger Single Six makes us want to belt out some Roy Rogers tunes

The Single Six stainless model is beautiful to look at – fantastic finish, hardwood grips, and plenty of attention to detail. In our home, the purchase was justified as “man jewelry.” And it’s just as solid mechanically. The action is smooth, the hammer clicks are as good as the soundtrack on any high-quality spaghetti western, and the trigger is crisp and light. This is one solid gun. We’re going to be scouring the gun shows to find one of the older Single Sixes in .32 H&R as a result.

Cowboys like the simple life right? If that’s the case, then this cowboy gun follows the simple philosophy to a T.

  • Simple to operate: This is our go-to gun for teaching someone how to shoot. It’s familiar, even if they’ve only seen this style of gun on T.V., it’s non-threatening, doesn’t make a lot of noise, and is safe to operate. For a first time shooter, it’s great to have them shoot, stop, cock the hammer, and shoot again. This built in delay is not only safe, it provides a great opportunity for positive reinforcement and teaching moments between shots.
  • Simple to maintain: The stainless steel finish means you can actually spend more time shooting than cleaning. The cylinder drops out with the push of push of a button, making inspection and cleaning easy.
  • Simple to hit: Our review model had a 6.5″ barrel. That combined with fantastic balance, some actual weight (for a .22 anyway) and a black ramped front sight with an adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation – that’s up, down, and sideways in non-gun speak) made it an easy-to-aim, and easy-to-hit gun. Many golf balls bravely sacrificed their lives for the purpose of this review.

What’s not to love? In addition to keeping the local Wal-Mart sold out of Winchester 555 bulk packages, it makes us feel like singing Roy Rogers songs. Where is Dale Evans when you need her anyway?

Learn more about the Ruger Single-Six at GunUp.com

He said She said
As it gleefully digests virtually any sort of .22 ammunition, I can shoot Aguila Super Colibri low velocity (and low noise) loads in my garage. She loves this. Really she does. I totally agree with everything he says. This is a really fun gun to shoot, but… let me explain something here… I keep my Diet Cokes in the refrigerator in the garage. I have to have one first thing in the morning. I go in there barefoot since I’ve normally just gotten out of bed. Stepping on bullet casings barefoot is not fun. If he leaves spent brass casings in the garage one more time, I’m going to sell his gun!Also I had no idea it had interchangeable cylinders. He never tells me anything!


Accessories available at Brownells

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You could pack heat. Or you could just say no.

Bank robbery attempt thwarted when teller just says no: "NEW YORK (Reuters) - A would-be thief's attempt to rob a suburban New York bank on Wednesday was abruptly thwarted when the teller simply said no to the robber's demand for money, police said.
(Via Reuters: Oddly Enough.)

The Walking Dead: Top Zombie Killing Guns

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (AMCtv.com)

In honor of tomorrows release of AMC’s The Walking Dead Series 1 DVD set, we thought it appropriate to call out our choices for the most desirable Zombie killing guns. You never know when the Zombies will come, so its best to be prepared.

While scientific data on Zombie killing is fairly light, we’ve learned a lot from the T.V. and the movies – both excellent sources for hard empirical data. For example, it appears that Zombies are not very concerned about traditional ‘human’ factors like caliber selection, knockout power, or foot-pounds of energy. A simple head shot seems to do the job with most any caliber weapon. Given that, you’ll notice that our official recommendations are skewed a little more towards accuracy, capacity, and reliability. When you’re facing a horde of irritable walkers, you can’t be thinking about those tiresome jams, reloads or immediate action drills.

At risk of this site being boycotted by gun nuts everywhere, you’ll notice we didn’t include a 1911 model handgun. Against un-dead opponents, this is a great and proven option. But we’re talking about the walking dead here and capacity counts. No wimpy 7 round magazines for us when facing a few hundred hungry Zombies. High capacity and plentiful cheap ammo aside, we left out .22’s as well. Zombies require a skull penetrating head shot and the .22 just can’t provide 100% certainty. Shotguns? Probably great fun, but again, accuracy and capacity make good Walker medicine.

With those criteria in mind, here are our recommendations for when, not if, the zombie apocalypse comes:

Heckler & Koch MP5 SD

Heckler & Koch MP5 SD

Good handling indoors and low recoil for fast follow up shots. Proven in battle. 30 round capacity, integral suppressor, and retractable stock.  We now know that Zombies are learning to open doors, so indoor performance is key. All the cool movie action heroes use them. What’s not to love?

Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS

An obvious choice. Ready availability, plentiful 9mm ammo that can be retrieved from military outposts, high capacity, and outstanding reliability. Obviously it will have a Crimson Trace LG-402M Mil Spec laser grip. Duh. 

Plus, this one has ‘real world’ proof of performance. In The Walking Dead, our hero, Rick Grimes, uses an M9 version to nail 15 zombies on a full tilt run while trying to escape from an irritable horde in downtown Atlanta. If that’s not scientific evidence, what is?

FN Fun Combo - The Five-seveN and PS90

FN Happy Fun Combo - The Five-seveN and PS90

Maybe we’ll get trapped in the CheaperThanDirt.com warehouse where we will have to make our final stand. If that’s the case, and ammo availability is not a problem, we might choose the FN Happy Fun Combo of a Five-seveN and a PS90. Not a bad setup when your back up gun has a 20 round capacity.

Suppressed AR15 with Surefire 100 round magazine

Suppressed AR15 with Surefire 100 round magazine

We won’t be equipped with just any AR15. Ours will be Zombie customized with horde-ready Surefire 100 round magazines. More importantly, ours will also be suppressed. Everyone knows that Zombies are attracted to noise. We might even spring for a supply of subsonic 5.56mm ammo to make it even quieter.

Glock 17

Glock 17

At risk of being politically incorrect, this is exactly the right situation for an extra high capacity magazine, so the Glock 17 with a 33 round mag gets added to the list. Of course, one would want a supply of standard capacity mags as well for portability.

M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine

Handy and lightweight. .30 caliber seems to be plenty for zombies. Easy to aim and 15-30 round capacity. Ammo availability could be a problem, but you can carry a lot once you find a supply. OK, so maybe this one is not the most practical, but we had to include it because we just really like M1 Carbines. They were all over the place in Band of Brothers.

Sig 226 E2

Sig 226 E2

The new Sig 226 E2 model is just plain comfortable in the hand. Oh, and its battle proven to boot. High capacity, ultimate reliability. We would pick one in 9mm.

What say you?

Now if it just had a minigun…

From Lyger Lyger


Tankchair. This is a thing. I love that this is a thing. Hey, mobility issues? You can just piss off now; you are no longer a tactical disadvantage.

Gunfire In Hollywood: Charlie Sheen Resists Goddesses’ Restraining Order

Actor Charlie Sheen Defends The Goddesses

Actor Charlie Sheen Defends The Goddesses

Automatic gunfire erupted from the residence of actor Charlie Sheen late last night when a gang of alleged womanizers arrived at the stars’ home to take custody of “The Goddesses.” Eyewitnesses indicate that Sheen was armed with a Saco M60 E3 Shorty belt-fed weapon. Fortunately no one was hurt as Sheen apparently obtained a blank firing version of the weapon from the NRA Museum’s Hollywood Gun Exhibit.

According to neighbors, a commotion started at approximately 3:30am when Sheen opened fire on the group of lovestruck romeos from his balcony. Eyewitnesses heard Sheen shouting “Taking my kids is one thing, but there’s no way you’re getting The Goddesses! I’m a rock star from Mars! Duh! Winning! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Sheen with The Goddesses (image: abcnews.go.com)

Sheen with The Goddesses (image: abcnews.go.com)

According to police at the scene, the gang of alleged womanizers appeared at Sheen’s doorstep with a court order from Judge Judy authorizing them to take custody of The Goddesses. “When we realized Charlie was preoccupied with losing his kids, we saw an opportunity to get some hot porn stars” explained Brett Favre. “So I called up a few of my friends and we went to court to get a restraining order.”

Other participants in The Goddesses’ intervention group included Wilt Chamberlain, Jersey Shore reality star Single Ronnie, Hugh Hefner, pro golfer Tiger Woods, and Giacomo Casanova. “When I heard that Goddesses came in pairs, there was no question about me joining this effort” commented Hefner. Some neighbors claimed to have seen John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey with the gang, but those reports remain unconfirmed.


Steel Challenge Haiku


Gun Haiku Makes Me Mellow

The plates torment me.
My Beretta goes bang bang.
Yet I always lose.










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