Napolitano Announces TSA Porta Porn Scan 3000


In a Department of Homeland Security press conference today, Secretary Janet Napolitano announced sweeping new additions to the nations security network. As part of the recent efforts to broaden security measures to venues other than TSA major transportation hubs, the Secretary unveiled the latest in portable body scan technology – the Porta Porn Scan 3000 […]

BATFE and TSA Request Emergency Authority To Install Body Scanners

TSA Full Body Scanning

In a rare display of cross agency cooperation, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – BATFE –  announced a sweeping partnership with the Transportation Security Administration – TSA – designed to end violence along the Mexican border. In a joint statement, the BATFE and TSA agencies requested emergency authority to install body scanners […]

Army Field Tests Synthetic Soldiers


New media bloggers from The Firearm Blog and Inspire Me Now have apparently blown the lid off a top secret Army soldier development program. Kept tightly under wraps until now, the Passive Lightweight Assault Strike Troop Integrated Command (PLASTIC) program is designed to equip modern day infantry soldiers with synthetic urban assault combat gear. Designed […]

North American Arms Introduces Nano Pinky Revolver


Provo, UT – In a move designed to preempt the onslaught of SHOT show announcements planned for the industry’s main event in January, North American Arms today announced its new Nano Pinky Revolver. Described by early customers as ‘teensy-weensy’ the new revolver is gaining accolades for its diminutive size. Designed for maximum concealment, the Nano […]